1500 returnees arrive from South Africa


A total of 23 buses carrying Malawian returnees arrived in the country through the Mwanza border formation on Friday.

According to Mwanza border public relations officer Inspector Pasqually Zulu, the total number of the returnees is 1594.

He said the returnees who left South Africa on Wednesday were expected to arrive into the country on Thursday, but due to other technical challenges whilst in transit, they didn’t make it in time.

The publicist also said as per new guidelines in relation to Covid-19 Gazette, all security checks, travel documents assessment and health protocols are being observed right away at the border.

Further to that, he indicated that all the returnees are also expected to produce COVID-19 negative certificate results based on the tests they have done prior before leaving South Africa and has since warned the returnees not to misbehave.

“On the same note, we are also reminding all the returnees to comply to all border checks and covid certificate verification process and other health protocols. Failure to do that, we will have no option but to effect the law in relation to the new COVID-19 gazette, including announcing all names of the returnees who have escaped or didn’t comply to the border checks and health protocols to mainstream media,” said Inspector Zulu.

Zulu then said the department is also warning all bus operators who are transporting the returnees that they shouldn’t dare to bring along returnees who have no valid COVID-19 negative certificate into the country as those found will be penalised according to the law.

The publicist then appealed to all the people living along Mwanza border premises including those doing small scale business not to avail themselves close to where this exercise is being taking place.