Mzuzu City Council ignores Chakwera on Covid-19

Malawi Covid-19 measures announced by President Lazarus Chakwera last week have been thrown to the dogs by the Mzuzu City Council this morning.

Participants during the exercise organised by Mzuzu Council

The council is today conducting an exercise to register urban cash transfer program on mobile money so that the beneficiaries should be getting their money through mobile money.

People during the exercise

The exercise at Chibavi Ground has attracted about 500 people, violating the Coronavirus prevention measures which requires gatherings to have a maximum of 50 people.

A lot of the people at the ground are also not wearing mask, which is also another violation.

An eyewitness has accused the council of taking a lead in violation of preventive measures.

“The Mzuzu Council is removing people from town and markets for not wearing masks yet the council has also organized this gathering with a huge number of people,” said  person at the ground.

On Sunday, President Chakwera announced the new preventive measures which include a fine for people found not wearing masks and a curfew which bars people from moving around between 9PM and 5AM.

The measures are meant to stop the recent rise in Coronavirus cases which has seen Malawi registering over 7000 cases this month.