Tonse youth warned against castigating Chakwera on social media


A presidential advisor has advised youth in the Tonse Alliance against castigating President Lazarus Chakwera on social media, saying they should be booking appointments with the Malawi leader to raise their concerns.

Ephraim Chivunde who advises the president on political affairs said this in Mzuzu during an interaction with young people and women from the nine political parties under the Tonse Alliance.

Participants during the interface

He said members of the alliance can express their grievances directly to the president by booking an appointment with the Malawi leader.

“If they want to talk to the president they have to come to us or even book an appointment with the president so that they can express their concerns, not just going on social media or other platforms to castigate the president,” said Chivunde.

But one of the Tonse Alliance members who attended the interface rejected claims that Tonse youth criticizes the president on social media saying it is young people from opposition parties who demean the president.

However, the Tonse member, Mathias Mgemezulu, said the youth have received the message and they know that there are right channels for presenting their grievances. He further said that youth in the Tonse Alliance are guided by the pillars of obedience, loyalty, unity and discipline.