“One in Onesimus is for his braincells”: Gospel Artist bashed for making a Covid-19 joke

Armstrong Kalua

Rage floods the streets of twitter Malawi on the 5th of January 2021, when Onesimus tweeted that Covid -19 is all a sham!

“The day Africa realise that Covid-19 is a made up pandemic a lot people will be angry”, tweeted the Prophet Shepherd Bushiri’s Major 1 Record gospel artist.

Covid-19 has shaken the whole world with over 86 million confirmed cases and over 1.8 million reported deaths. The outbreak has not spared Malawi with over 88 thousand suspected cases. The country has over seven thousand confirmed cases. The virus has killed 199 people in the country.

It has further taken away jobs from people and shutdown businesses but it has also taken away lives.

With its devastating impact, you would assume a well-known musician or a public figure like Onesimus, would know better than to joke around on the existence of the virus and worse still to do it in what others have singled out as a poorly articulated tweet.

King Tuzi, a Malawian artist deeply expresses how shocking Onesimus’ tweet was.

“So I guess my mum was joking when she said she had Covid and was on oxygen huh or I guess it was a joke when my homie died from it back in March ey”, tweeted the USA based musician.

Another tweep wondered whether Onesimus has a functional brain.

“The One in Onesimus is for total number of brain cells” tweeted Seguro Mescudi.

After getting a backlash from twitter Malawi, Onesimus deleted the dreadful tweet. He immediately tweeted a promotion of his single.

On different note, another musician Joram Nyirongo says it smacks of “strange reasoning”  having task forces and special tents for the coronavirus disease (Covid-19).

“860 deaths from motor bike accidents in 2020. No alarm. 189 deaths from the Chinese flu and we have task forces and special tents. Strange reasoning!” the musician, a medical doctor by profession, wrote on Facebook.