Hospital complains over government’s failure to pay debt

By Synd Kalimbuka

St Luke’s Hospital in Zomba is struggling financially as government is failing to pay money it owes the hospital.

Bishop Brighton Vita Malasa of the Anglican Diocese of Upper Shire which runs the hospital revealed this when a well-wisher Pansi Mihowa Katenga donated assorted Personal Preventive Equipment (PPEs) for Covid-19 and cheered mothers who gave birth at the facility.

Bishop Malasa said there is a lot to be done at the hospital in as far as health service delivery is concerned.

He said the facility is currently struggling financially as government delays fulfilment of Service Level Agreement (SLA) where members of the public are provided free medical services and government pays.

“There is huge amount of money which government owes the hospital through Service Level Agreement. The facility will be better off if government fulfils it,” said Bishop Malasa.

He then called on all partners to continue working together with the hospital to delivery of health care services.

Apart from Luke’s hospital, Anglican Diocese of Upper Shire also runs other 8 health centres which face challenges especially when it comes to referrals.

On the donation by Mrs Pansi Mihowa Katenga, Malasa was very delighted to see that one of the children who were born at St Luke’s hospital 50 years ago celebrated her golden jubilee through donation and cheering.

Mihowa (R) making a donation

“For someone to come and donate both to the facility and to mothers who gave birth is one way to alleviate challenges both hospital and people face,” said Malasa.

In her remarks after donation, Katenga said she took Christmas season to donate to the hospital and cheer mothers who gave birth as part of her golden jubilee celebrations.

Katenga who also works in health sector encouraged women to seek medical care and services and also go to deliver at the hospital to promote safe motherhood.

“Don’t delay to seek medical care when you are pregnant so that you are taken care of up to delivery,” she advised mothers.

Katenga wanted to make the donation in July but failed to make it due to Covid-19 measures.

During the trip, she was accompanied by a Member of Parliament for Zomba Malosa Grace Kwelepeta who was very grateful to see an individual who was born at the facility donating PPEs to the hospital and cheering mothers.

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