Mingle Complex set to spice up festive season

One of Malawi’s popular entertainment platform, Mingle Business and Entertainment Centre says it will continue keeping patrons entertained with both local and international shows following rebranding.

Formerly known as Cockpit and later Waves, the facility has gone through rebranding process under new management a development which raised fears about the place losing its power to attract topnotch musicians among fun seekers.

People thought the coming in of the new management was going to lead to a complete overhaul in as far as hosting functions is concerned.

However, Mingle Business and Entertainment Centre management has told fun seekers not to panic with the rebranding of the complex claiming the aim was to create an environment conducive for an improved customer experience while also catering to the ever changing demands and needs of the diverse customers.

The centre further said everything is in its entirety and what has changed is only the management and the name but the entertainment is still there.

It has since promised fans to expect prolonged entertainment activities in this festive season.

“The facility is ideal for hosting all manner of events to suit business needs such as business meetings, product launches, brand activations, corporate breakaway sessions and for those looking for a space to work and enjoy a coffee the facility has that too.

“It is also ideal for hosting social events such as birthday parties and music shows among others. To all the fun seekers we just say you will never get disappointed with us, expect more fun this festive season,” the centre said.

Meanwhile, as a way to soothing the hearts of people who were worried with the rebranding, Mingle has organized a list of top billed shows which will feature both local and international top artist.

One of the shows which has already hit the waves will take place on 18th December featuring Dan Lu and Hit Maker of the Vuli Gate South African song that has been trending.

Mingle which is housed in Golden Peacock Hotel in Lilongwe kicked off the festive season with an exciting show by Legend Lucius Banda on Saturday.