Holy Moly! Pope Francis ‘likes’ model’s steamy photo


Holy hot! I bless your photo my child.

Pope Francis liked a steamy photo of a hot Brazilian model wearing lingerie on Instagram.

The model and Twitch streamer Natalia Garibotto says subscribers to her website receive “sexy content” in addition to follow back on social media and the the ability to directly chat with her.

The racy photo was posted non 5 October.

But the exact time of the Holy See’s endorsement is not yet established. The photo remained liked by the Pope on Friday the 13th.

It was only unliked the day after, on 14 November after the news of the papacy like started trending.

“At least I’m going to heaven,” tweeted 27-year-old Natalia Garibotto in celebration of the apparent blessing from Pope Francis.


“Received the POPE’S OFFICIAL BLESSING”, her management and publicity firm COY Co said on Instagram.


While confirming the ‘holy like’, the Vatican distanced the Pope saying his social media accounts are managed on the pontiff’s behalf by a team of employees.

Reports indicate that the Vatican is also demanding answers from the Facebook-owned company as to how the Holy See’s official account liked the model’s Instagram photo.

Some on Twitter took sarcastic digs at the Pope Francis in connection with the rampant cases of pedophilia scandal that rocked the Catholic church for years.

“I mean hey at least it’s not kids,” tweeted one user while another said this was the best way to wind up an eventful 2020.

“The pope falling into a thirst trap is a great way to wrap up 2020” they tweeted.

Pope Francis (@franciscus) who has said before that masturbation is not a sin has over 7.4 million Instagram followers while Garibotto (@nataagataa) has has 2.4 million followers. The two, both with verification Instagram accounts, do not follow each.

No hacker has claimed responsibility.

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