Pope says Catholic Church and all Christians should apologize to gays

Pope Francis gay people

Pope Francis has asked all Christians around the world to apologies to gay people for the way they have been treated by believers, saying the Church has no right to judge those who see themselves as lesbians, gays, bisexual or as transgenders (LGBTs).

Pope Francis gay people
Pope Francis: Christians should apologise to gays

“I repeat what the Catechism of the Catholic Church says: that they must not be discriminated against, that they must be respected and accompanied pastorally. The Church must ask forgiveness for not behaving many times” said the pontiff.

He also said the Church should seek forgiveness from other people it had marginalised including children who had been forced into labour.

“The Church not only should apologise to a gay person whom it offended and treated badly but it must also apologise to the poor, women and children who have been exploited and forced into work. It must apologise for having blessed so many weapons.”

His remarks have been hailed by liberal Catholics and members of the LGBTs community as a breakthrough in the church’s tone toward homosexuality. CNN has described the pope’s plea to the Christian community as “groundbreaking”.

The comments, made on Sunday, continue from what he said in 2013 that gays must not be judged by accepted and integrated into society.

“If a person is gay and seeks God and has good will, who am I to judge?”

But some conservative Catholics have roasted the Pope for making ambiguous claims about sexual morality. An example being the Catholic Church in Malawi which, in a letter issued last March, described homosexuality as evil.

Malawi had temporarily suspended laws that criminalise sodomy and other homosexual practices through a presidential decree that Peter Mutharika issued to ‘pardon’ two gay suspects arrested last year. An injunction was however taken against the decree with the court ruling the presidential order as illegal on the basis that the President does not have a mandate to suspend any Act of Parliament.



  1. shame!!! to u which bible do u use who r u to command pipo to apologise r a pope to. all chrisrtian or only for acatholic talk to ur own pipo don’t mess all


  3. wokumva wamva, osamva sazamvaso, onena wanena osafuna chilungamo akhalebe, u if u want the clearance of ths hot issue jst vist ur wholly Bible and compare wth wat z being told. Christ z cmng nw even sooner watch out

  4. Wht hell ar talkn about ar u mad or wht? Look ppl u must av to diffreciate btwn cathoric symbol n other cristians. Cathoric u must av to knw that the pope they ar just bliding u guyz n u always doing their evils be active n think about yo religion. Nd mind u we can’t appologize to those fool cz we only respect our ALMIGHTY FATHER IN HEAVEN n am not fear cz In #GOD I trust…

  5. Apolgise for what Gays must confess their sins and be free from that nonsence the pope himself is satanic he belongs to the occult

  6. the pope has NO RIGHT to change hashems word..he does NOT represent christianity he represents catholicism which will always contradict itself..there is no where the torah,tanach or new testament mention a pope..he is betraying the God for human rights..i dont care wat he does because he represents paganism not christianity..if that should happen then GOD must appolize for what he did to sodom &gormorah..he is defying God..he is from his father the devil for only the devil will want to change GODs words..

  7. pope is out of his mind catholic can do than nt us christians we cnt fall for wt we stand for, sorry pope we don’t tyk orders frm u, sorry to pop ur bubble we can’t

  8. The word of God can’t be compromised. The word of God doesn’t condone evil. The word of God will forever stand. Practising gaysm or lesbianism is not accepted in eyes of God and there is no compromise about that.

  9. Point of collection, Catholics must apologise to their fellow gays, christian will never apologise to gays, Catholic is the centre of all evil, that’s why Pope Benedict resgned, zomvetsa chisoni anthu aMulungu akugonjera chilombo cha nyanga khumi, nanga kodi chilombochi chikazagonjetsedwa muzatani

  10. All christians can appologise for that yet gays and lesbians are christians and am Lucky to be a Muslim a religion of truth.

  11. All sins will be judged by God, I am not ashamed of the gospel of Jesus Christ, homosexuality is an abomination against God and all the other sins that men commit, the sins that are not confessed before the Lord shall be judged, Christians are not owing any apology here, Christ for the Christians

  12. Catholics are the owners ,founders of Christianity . All other denominations of Christianity are just branches of Roman catholic .so do not say say Pope is telling Catholics only to apologise to guys. If you’re Christians whether u like it or not ,somewhere ,somehow you following Catholics .unless if you follow Islam is when you’ll follow Abraham ,Ishmael,Isaac,jacob,Noah,Mosses ,Jesus and Muhammad .and Catholics and all other Christians do not following the commandments of God nor the prophets listed above.but they following Paul apostle ,Aman from Rome Italy.

    1. the pope has no right to change Gods laws concerning gays..there is no mention in the bible of a pope because peter was a married man..and the first meeting of the first christians was in jerusalem not rome..romans catholics made christianity pagan by worshiping mary no where in the bible does it metion it..and worshiping the dead and made their own doctrines which the bible does not support..the catholic pops killed thousands of true christians just because they did not want to convert to catholicism..

    2. I see now that you don’t knw what you are talking abt you dunce.Don’t you knw that Christ is the alpha of Christianity? What are you talking abt.?

    3. and also God says that gays is abomation so how can this pope want to change Gods word..and his word is finale…catholism is a creed made by man..christianity sticks with the bible..the bible say if any man preaches any other doctrine other then what we preached to you let him be a CURSED..and also if u follow paul u also follow moses,abraham,isaac and jacob they where prophets of the very God u worship..catholicism is not christianity for only christinans follow what GOD SAY and catholics follow thePope

    4. Most people need civic education on the facts about Christianity and also about Jesus. Christianity is coming from a word in Hebrews ( Massiah) which the Greeks translated as (Christos) and which English added Ianity at the end of Christ+ianity = Christianity .if we translate Messiah into English ,it means Anointed. Who anointed Jesus? .the answer is God the creator.what is the reason of anointing him?.to perform miracles so that the people must believe and trust him that he is sent by God. Read Act 2 :22 You men of Israel ,hear these words ,Jesus of Nazareth ,a man,approved of God among you by miracles ( christos) (anointiment) and wonders and signs, which God did by Him in the midst of you.as you yourselves alsoknow. So only Jesus is the one anointed no one else.even his followers (disples) were not called Christians but instead they were called there own nam

    5. # Pillay Guetta, Jesus is not alpha and omega but Jehovah is. Read deutronomo 6:4 listen Israel , Jehovah our God is one. Joshua 43:10 you must know and believe .and realise that I am who I am.before me,there was no God.and after me there will be no another God,I am Jehovah and there is no savear but only me. Joshua 44:6 I am the first and the last(alpha & omega) and without me there is no God.

    6. #Samuel Kasakatila, A true believer can build his/ Her faith from one scripture or even one verse.eg if one verse says “DO NOT LIE, atrue believer will stop lieyying.if it says do not steal, a true believer will not steal. While a false believer will not believe only in one verse but instead he’ll look for other similar verses to compair.so that a particular person is not a believer but a compariser ,who compair the verses which he can not believe.

  13. As a Catholic this Pope can kiss my yellow ass… its there in the bible he so trusts in… testing all catholics… I’d expect this from some funny church out there… talk about putting me on a path of soul serching… The devil sure has taken over the Vatican… 100%.

  14. I dont think POPE can say this! If it is True, How can he force the CHRISTIANS to apologise to these ABOMINATION acts and actors(guys & lesbians) ???????? ….#(Leviticus 18; 22 … Deut 22 ; 5) My fellow christians lets open our eyes!!

  15. He must start with deleting the bible verse that say kill all gays and the story of Sodom and Gomorrah; If God really loves gay, then either he wrongly destroyed Sodom and Gomora or the story never happened? No God fearing and believing person can support gaydom: Gaydom is anti humanity, unnatural and most of all, a grave sin: But it’s the job of Satan to make evil and sin seem normal to the world: Gaydom is one symbol of Satanism;

  16. Koma masatira satirawa tisatirano satana, ngati Wamkulu akukamba choncho nanga ana mnyumbamo alongosoka? Ano ndi matsiku omaliza ndipo timipingo tomwe tinayamba kamba kofuna kuti iwo apindule pansi pano tiyaluka ndipo choona chiziwika chiweluziro chisanafike.

  17. Am catholic but what he is saying is not true,we have to know bad things and goodthings. Tchimo ndi tchimo sungamangile satana nyumba,whichmeans u don’t know what u doing.in our cuture we don’t accept that

  18. those 49 people in Orlando didn’t deserve to die just because they were different those 9 people in Charleston didn’t deserve to die because they were black so let’s face it these shootings were of hatred we christians should apologise to God for our actions sies man

  19. those 49 people in Orlando didn’t deserve to die just because they were different those 9 people in Charleston didn’t deserve to die because they were black so let’s face it these shootings were of hatred we christians should apologise to God for our actions sies man

  20. This story is just written with onother ant-CHRIST dont believe this and 1 this u must know is Pope speaks on behalf of Romans cathorics not all Christians around so hw can he include with other religious?is just a move to make those ant-christ to make themselves luk gud

  21. Remember that there will be difficult times in the last days. People will be selfish, greedy, boastful, and conceited; they will be insulting, disobedient to their parents, ungrateful, and irreligious; they will be unkind, merciless, slanderers, violent, and fierce; they will hate the good; they will be treacherous, reckless, and swollen with pride; they will love pleasure rather than God; they will hold to the outward form of our religion, but reject its real power. Keep away from such people. Some of them go into people’s houses and gain control over weak women who are burdened by the guilt of their sins and driven by all kinds of desires, women who are always trying to learn but who can never come to know the truth. As Jannes and Jambres were opposed to Moses, so also these people are opposed to the truth—people whose minds do not function and who are failures in the faith. But they will not get very far, because everyone will see how stupid they are. That is just what happened to Jannes and Jambres.
    2 Timothy 3:1-9 GNT

  22. iyesus di only christian..legion the name of di demon..demoncrazy is law. Rastafari nazarite vow lead di way ina revelation of john.

  23. Am not surprised coz i know and my bible told me already about this kind of prophets they pretend like there me singer of God….While there …..messenger of satana

  24. Pope is lil stupid…does he think God can be stupid to create man & woman to be together???How special is Pope to say that to the World???Is he God or Angel??Romans & Christians is difference things that’s y there are difference religious..If he wanted to say that he could say to his fellow Romans to all Christians….I’m xo bored for that

  25. atsogoleri ambiri ma church mu ndiachamba ndakuonani. mukamwa kachatsu ndikusuta chamba mukufuna muzisocheletsa akhristu. mulungu azakulangani kosalekeza oyamba ndiwe papa. why shame. no fear with god. mchokeleni mumpingo mwakemo asalemo ekha. inu akhristu kayambeni mipingo ina musiyire ekha mpingo wakewo ndiu gay wakewo.

  26. Here comes a quetion, who’s gowng 2 say sorry? Gays mst say sory 2 de world? or de world mst say sory 2 Gayz? or Lesbians mst sory 2 Gayz? or Lesbian and Gayz mst say sory 2 GOD?

  27. mmmmmmm we lost hopes of u Pope u r fake how can u Apologise to devels like gays people u know the story 4 sodom& gomola God was destroyed people 4 the dirty things like that now u want God must destroy us? ????? Go to hello idiots devel

  28. Mavuto Atonyanyanya Pa Dziko Lapansi, Papayu Ayenera Kutero Coz Opanda Kutero Yesu Sabwera Msanga Koma Achite Basi Kuti Tilekane Ndimavutowa Basi. Watch Out! New World Order Is Coming, Antchrist Gvt, 666 Gvt, So Pope Is The Leader Of This Gvt. Owerenga Khala Maso. Akulanda Bible Lo Posachedwapa.

  29. Pope does not believe in a REVELATION he told his catholics friends to repeat one and the very same message every sunday that is why they end up getting drunk before they deliver the sermon about maria and they are being blinded by satan to do such act and great drugs dealers they hide in those catholic church to defend their sinful nature they must receive JESUS CHRIST AS THE LORD AND SAVIOUR even pope himself must come back to GOD for guidance and he must get married soon with a woman if u agree with write amen in JESUS NAME and MALAWI WILL NEVER BE THE SAME IN JESUS NAME

  30. Go to hell pope.Why do u want to mislead the world?So soon you talking of the vision that God has told you to change the ten commandments and now you are bringing this .Tell ur followers to do that not the rest.

  31. Palibe Munthu Olungama Padziko Lapansi. Kd Nditchimo Liti Lomwe Munthu Azalangidwe Nalo? Lero Ndikhonza Kukhala Kt Sindine Gay Kapena.., Koma Ndachimwira Mulungu Munjira Zina, Mulungu Sakandilandila Chifukwa Sindinali Gay Ayi.Malemba Amanena Kt Kuweluza Ndikwamwiniwake. Musaztengere Nokha Kukhala Wabwino Pamaso Pa Mulungu: Mind U!! Mkuluyu Apa Sakutanthauza Kt Ndizabwno Zomwe Anthuwa Akuchita Ayi, Koma Akususana Ndimchitidwe OWELUZAWO Chifukwa WABWINO SAZIWIKA PAMASO PA MULUNGU. Kutha Zamkamwa Apa, Kumunena Zambiri Mkuluyu Apa, Ndikuzikaikira PACHOMWE INU MULI. GWILITSITSANI PACHIKHULUPILIRO CHANU…. Nanga Zonyasa Timachita Kuseli Zija?..

  32. my point of view iz “”Let us too note to judge pope himself But let us all join handz and pray for ths nasty act. the morall of the story is inu ndine tipemphere

  33. Iam aCatholic but icanot apologise these gays is part of satanic what he think he is He’s very stupit man

  34. baibulo limanena kut koma zindikira kut masiku otsiliza anthu azakhala nawo maonekedwe achipembezo koma mphamvu yake ilikutali ndi mulungu.Apa zikungoonetseratu kut ulosi wa daniel ukukwanilitsidwa,kodi si mkulu wachipembedzo chomwechi yemwe amanena kut alindi mphamvu yopempherera dziko lomwe kuli khondo ndipo nkhondoyo imatha andi sizayambiranso?nanga bwanji ku rwanda,neba mocambique,ndimaiko ena?izi zipangitsa kut asilikali asiye kumukhulupilira mkazi wa chigololoyi apa ndikunena mipingo yonse yomwe ikulimbikitsa izi ndi kulowelera nkhani za ndale @[0:1:ndiye poti amalawi paja iiiyi mchifukwa mulungu akungotilanga ndi mlili tawelengani deutromo 28:50-60]

  35. Teach and do what pleases God, but don’t please a man because of favor desire.

    What is the meaning of the Sixth Commandment?
    Marriage is the lifelong union between a man and a woman as desired by God. It is based on an act of free will which is expressed in a public vow of fidelity.
    Any married individual who has sexual intercourse with anyone other than his / her spouse commits adultery. Likewise, anyone who has sexual inter- course with a married person commits adultery.

  36. Munthudi akakaramba amaganiza ngati mwana look mr pope or poster pop ur self old man lyk bt u hv alot of shit n hold on ur ignorant ur self dnt spread it to the hal world w@ #_makes #_God to sent sodom n gomora mous waz dt kind of shit bhaviou n ur stupit

  37. I’m a sinner because I absolutely hate this damn beast called pope. he doesn’t evn have one child but he calls himself a father. he and his followers hate marriages but he claims to be Christian .let me tell you. The Holy Book called Bible is not a democratic book and Jesus is not a president. Go to hell with your politics Fotseki

  38. Remember in revelation he has been explained as a beast so never be worried because he is the one to complete the mission of devil so that the will of God shall be fulfilled.

  39. To.be honest with u guys..these stories by Malawi 24 are just cooked up..i have googled all RC sites palibe izi..One.more thing, its not good kumanyoza mpingo wina.all.kinda of insults and.abusive language…just seen some post saying pope is.antichrist etc..mind u In.heavens we will.be judged by our.deeds nt.by the church..The church is nt our gateway to heaven bt our relationship with God….Nde mukamanyoza mipingo yanzanu coz of some cooked up status ur digging ur own.grave…Accept.christ as ur saviour ..dnt take mpingo wanu as most holy than others..urs truly a devoted CCAP member..E.

  40. This people are respect with their eyes but their soul is far from me’jesus said’what kind of pope he is by asking christians to apologyz for satan? Abomination and its over myt dead body. He must ask Romans not christians

  41. Apologise urself and ur fellow stupid ant-christians not we who knows the truth dat there is no such freedom in bible and heaven or do u think God was stupid to create a man and woman?

  42. Koma mwachenjezedwa kwa nthawi ndithu’ Onani Quraan inavumbulutsidwa liti? Nanga ndi chiyani mukutolapo mu kuchenjeza kwa bukhuli kwa inu akhristu? Kodi ndi akhristu angati amwalira akukhulupilira kuti Pope ndi mtumiki wa pambuyo pa Jesus? Pamene lero zikuululika kuti ali bwana wa Illuminati ndipo akumadalitsa maukwati a magay onse umukhulupilira mwa umbuli aja akumva bwanji?

  43. But ndikuona ngati palibe cholakwika pamenepa , chifukwa kuweruza mkwa iye Mwin Mulungu chifukwa aliyese akamapemphera amagwilitsa ntchito chikhulupililo chake ,tonse timagwilitsa ntchito bible limodzi koma timalimvetsa mosiyanasiya so kuweruza timusiire mwini Mulungu ,,,

  44. God created Adam and Eve.pope womangokukupasani Kamba ka kutchuka kwanu osati Kamba ka chikhulupiliro chanu.dont mingle Christianity and money!!

  45. pop z not God to tel us what to do its only GOD who can tell us what to do its GOD who created papa so iye mphamvu zolamula ana amulungufe wazitenga kuti ngati akufuna kuwonesa umulungu wake alenge anthu ake aziwauza zopepelazo

  46. We are not judging but the bible condemns that butty mann ting so there is no need to apologise better to leave the church and stop listening to that Pope that’s nonsense unless there is a hidden script that supports that gay thing in the bible .Stop confusing pple pliz

  47. Pamene pali kusanvana satana amatengapo gawo sindiziwa anzathu achipembezo cha chisilam mumawatenga achristu ose kuti akaphya moto ok sono muziwe ichi mulungu sazalanga muthu asana nzuzule

  48. Papa uyu akuoneke kuti wakula ndiye munthu ukamakula nzeru zimachepa kutereku akuiwala cholinga cha mpingo wawo Wa Catholic kuti ndikuunikira anthu ku njira yabwino, ndiye ngati Iwo akuona kuti analakwira satana /ma gay ndibwino iwowo apepwtse.

  49. Thats y usay ur bishops or priest shuldnt marry cz u know that they cn sleep with fellow men now we know the truth nanga osangowamasula anthu rather than kuwapusitsa and yet u call urself atumiki a mulungu …. shame on u…..

  50. Lets just believe in what we think is right and leave the #judgement part to God Himself, for we humans see with earthly eyes

  51. nde zopusa zmenezo tzpepesa ma real christianity kwa maeluminate ngat mwinh moyo zikumunyasa pepesan inuyo bt ife palibe kubweza mawu aliwose anatuluka pakamwa pathu

  52. Ndichifukwa amati ansembe sakwatira kani ndi ma guy? Now ur talking pope! Musatiuze nawo zopusazo muzilengeza mu church mwanu kuti apepese ma guy not all Christian mulungu sangakhale opusa kulenga chachimuna ndi chachikazi azitiposa galu kuganiza? Go to hail pope nonses!

  53. we burn dem batbwoy gays with no apology . man to man and woman to woman its so unjust … to hell gays or so whatever they call themselves

  54. Justice delayed is equall to justice denied. Why apologising? Truth shall always prevail. In a garden of Psychology we believe that ‘we are all mad, we only differ in degrees of abnormality’. Pope’s abnormality is beyond…..check his IQ. Sycatric,feeble in his head.

  55. Wachedwa atalawila mphaka ameneyu gay wacabe cabe chakuti chamake! Adikile kumva zowawa ameneyu kuchokera kwa yehova wamakamu

  56. mukawerenga buku la chivumbulutso 12-18 muona nkhani yokhuza chilombo chokhala nawa ulamuliro waukuru chomwe chidzasocheletse dziko,iz sizikufunika kufunsa kut chilombocho nd ndan? chazionetsa chokha kwa ife,CATHORIC’s BE CAREFUL mukusogoleledwa nd chlombo cha mu ulosi

  57. It seems that Pope and his christians of the Roman Cathoric are the people who are concerned so they must apologise not other religion.

  58. Catholics are not Khristians that’s clearly seen here..but tell Catholics that Khristians have nothing to do with these things as our head is JESUS and not POP. We are not part of this but part of JESUS

  59. We all know catholic priest are gays, thats why this stupid guy is saying these stupid things.. So catholicans should apologise to gays not all christians…

  60. Anthu oipa kwambiri amenewa ndiamene apangitsa kuti dziko likhala pamavuto ndi uchimo wawo zitsiru zimenezi ndipo anakangowapha kumene..

  61. Paja musaiwale kut ali kalikiliki kupanga publish Bible lomwe liziloleza kut azibambo azikwatirana okhaokha ntchitoyi ikugwiridwa ku Rome mu ziko la Italy kut akhristu azipanga utchimo momasuka

  62. Only God can judge, but that does not mean I have to condone what I see as outside his plan, or against the natural cycle of life. I don’t hate them, that’s not my place, but the bible does address it specifically and unfavorably, so speak for you and yours catholic.

  63. We must be careful with these priests how can he preach or encourage what is not biblical.christians follow the bible and God commandment .God destroyed Sodom because of that.

  64. Remember when Jesus was among sinners(Adulterers,tax collectors ) pharisee asked him why he associated himself with the outcasts,his response was “I did not come for respectable people to repent but people like these.” If we hate them who will convice them to transform?We are messagers and are expected to follow his footsteps.

  65. what is this?even the gays and lesbians know that they are making a sin against the lord and what is he saying here??am sory but am sory 4 de fact dat ur catholic….

  66. This is madnes indeed, i dont believe dat a real christian can apologise to demons,pope are u mad? Thats y pple say catholic belongs to illuminate. I cant listen this stupid and bastard reader

  67. What People must follow now, they must follow POPE, or ALMIGHTY GOD? Zapasi pano ndizotsala, think about day of jugdement!! Almighty God will never change his judgement, watch-out!!

  68. am saying no appology and abig no God will purnish both gayz n’ that stupid pope even bible tell them stupid those who do evil thing ,let them know that God z angly n’anxiuos becouz he created ahuman being.

  69. Seriously if he had nothing to say or preach he shouldn’t have to come to church this is totally wrong eish

  70. Kkkkkk koma asogoleri ena eeeh akusokelesani 😀 Ife Asilam sitikupanga nawo!! Mulungu anatilesa kupanga ubale ndi athu otembeleledwa ndi ochita zoipa, pali anthu ena or utawauza zoti atembenuke mitima sangatheke chifukwa Mulungu anawatembelela chifukwa cha zochita zawo. Nde chonde Akhilisitu enanu muli ndi chikhulupiliro ndipo Mulungu amakukondani ndipo ndikukupemphani kuti musapange ubale ndi anthu opanga zoipa ndi otembelelewa kuopa nanu kusochela

  71. Priests should apologize to about 20 million little boys.

  72. Akutumani kuti mumve reaction ya anthu if your are to legalise same sex relationships behind the Holy Catholic. Amene wakutumaniyo nde akupweteketsani coz the Catholic Pope i know cannot utter or issue tha statement and for your information Rome has a whole college of Bishops that specialise and study complicated isssues such same sex marriages,artificial birth controls etc. So he cant cant issue such kind of statement on such an issues without proper consultations. Malawi24 go n tell whoever paid you to post this shit kuti he should use another church NOT CATHOLIC .

  73. Ngati uli wa chipembezo cha chichristu ndiye wapepesa kale pamenepo chifukwa chichristu anayambitsa ndi amenewa mipingo yonse ya chichristu inachokera mu catholics
    Ndiye ngati mukufuna kusapepesa ku ma gays inu ma chritians musiye chichristu mukhale ma Muslim apo biii olo mutanyoza bwanji papa nonse ndi amozi ndinu nthambi zake za Roman cathorics yesu sanali wa chipembezo cha chi christu ayi
    Dzina loti mchristu ndi la iye Jesus osati ngati dzina la chipembezo no

  74. Let Gods will be done, cant you see that God is trying to communicate something, whatever was written in the bible is being fulfiled. concentrate much on you and Gods relationship, we are all sinners and dont make yourself holy, just ask Jesus to fill you with His Spirit and give us the much needed strength to carry on til the day He comes

  75. Sorry pope its too late kufuna kusocheretsa anthu eti ,mphamvu yako ilikuti ,now u start talking shit!!!!ndakwiya naww adah

  76. its easy for him to say so bacause he is a gay also. So be careful he can fool you anmd change you he is number one gay in the world

  77. Do u think a man of God called pope, if he says u pipo u should apology to gayz ,question is, do u think pope still connected with God?

  78. For the devil to be reviewed to the world,these three must be practiced:1 abortion, by now in most countries it succeeded, 2 pidolphilia (child rape) it succeeded in most countries,3 and final,sodomy,lesbians and gay behavior.. now it is struggling to succeed,there we go..watch carefully

  79. zaziiiiiii! u can go 2 hell wat eva u cal urself papa we r not stupid u r de 1 hu shud b apologzn coz ukunyasitsa dzina la christu mxieeeew I cud even ston u 2 death papa

  80. He is not a Christian,,, he is just some Catholic clergy whom we Christian s with lord Jesus we don’t recognise. Him and his catholic church should do that evil. No wonder its members fight in church at Likuni Parish in Malawi, Africa. No appetite for him

  81. Which bible does he read ?God created a man and a woman to marry and have sex produce children ,guy the beast is now at work careful whom you save as for me no apology sorry bapope and your blasphemy.

  82. fufuzani pa Vatican Radio muve zowona musayiwale ma link anuwo amapezeka awiriawiri Vatican radio its one imayamba ndi Latin then amamasulira musandibowe, we praise one God

  83. Papaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!!!!! MONEY KIDNAPS JUSTICE go on enjoy ur satanism and take ur pipo to hell .COZ THY HAV EYES BUT THEY CANT SEE .THEY HAV EARS BUT THEY CANT HEAR.THEY HAV NOSE BUT THEY CANT SMELL.THEY HAV EIISHHHHHHH just take them to hell papa

  84. time is no more is you are buyz listening to wht the pop says you are in danger unless the hand of yhe Lord jesus christ is the king of kings touch you,and save you ,the so called papa is Antichrist, but the time has come for he to go to where he belong

  85. He was secretive in handling satanic issues but now he shows openly that he is second agent incomand of satan.watch out catholics yo leaders lead u to destruction .isaiah 66:12.

  86. ur too old ur even to think go to hell, ur also a gay more over is roman catholic part of Christ family? why not that u shud tell the world of wat u worship? ur not Christians u jst hide ur self in marry the mother of Christ but the truth is ur idol worshipers. u elders know this and members blindly follow. ur dragging many to hell plz tell n go alone to hell

  87. We are not afraid of anyone,
    we are afraid of heavenly father God for all season. We’re not afraid of father of catholic.
    We’re afraid of God. Do’nt take advantage by telling us stupid things, apology for what?, your must tell your fellow catholic not the followers of Jesus.
    We do not praize you, we praize Jesus.
    Wationjeza kwambiri ungowauza ana ako kuti apepese osati kumaphatikizapo achristu ena. Musaipise dzina la christ, pakuti zochita zanu zaonekela. YOU MUST WAIT FOR HELL.

  88. Za inu timadziwa.muli interested ndi za dziko lapansi.tsoka kwa okusatirani.coz ali mu nthawi ya kusadziwa.God help them.amen.

  89. This cant be happening! ! Really? If we don’t watch out the Muslims will rule us. Because they respect their religion so much, they will even kill to defend their beliefs. But as for Christians more disgusting and shameful things are happening over and over and. Apologizing for gays? Only God knows where this world is going really

  90. hey Pope where is ur mom and Dad. I believe that u had them. and now tell me where is ur kids and wife? at ur age I think u should have grannies by now

  91. ok so if they don’t apologise. what are u going to do? anyway y do u think those pple should not be judged. according to they should be rotten in prison or through them into the sea cause they are not human

  92. Pamenepa ndiye kuti a catholic. Maukwati amenewa ndi ololedwa

  93. I don’t see anything wrong here, according to my understing pope is not supporting them. Most of people hate catholic church, so here don’t look for the message since they have negative attitude on him or church.

    1. No! am not a member of the Roman Catholic but according to spiritul life timayenera osamusala wina aliyense kaamba ka tchimo lake. Homosexual is endeed a sin, koma ku thupi timatero ndithu.

  94. Zomwera_chigoba_chimodzi_zimadziwana_nthenga!Onsewa_ndikaika_ngati_ali_aMulungu.Bwinolake_papayo_watchula_akhristu_ndiye_aaaaaaaah_palibe_chovuta_zipepesanani.

  95. THE BEAST IUT OF THE EARTH Revelation 13:1-18.Wisdom is needed here.Let the one with understanding slve the meaning of the number of the beast for it is the number of aman. His number is 666.Pakuti wakhala pansi kukachisi iye wotchedwa Mdyelekezi/wonyenga wadziko lonse lapansi.anasintha nthawi ndi nunsu.adzanyoza Mulungu wamwambamwamba nadziyesa Mulungu.WAMASO AONE KUTI DZUWA LAPENDEKA.yatsala nkhondo yachipembedzo kulimbana pamasiku opembedza AMEN.

  96. kod a Roma kuno ku malawi alikoo?Ngat aliko akuzatani? Alinazo ziphaso( passport) kapena ndima Ref g ? a Roma nawoso za Mulungu alizo ntchito?

  97. That way people treats other people didn’t just fall from a tree so now to come out and say that is not genuine unless there is something that triggers it,rather gear those concerned the methodology of how to deal with this . Said so because the issue is not as simplease

  98. How can a gay figure tell us to apologise to his gay fratenity.We dont like the idea of butt fucking,We sinners wit a a future You a “Saint” with a Bitter past and still you fuck buttHoles

  99. Am not a catholic but pope has a point here,kugamula ndi kwa iye yekha osati munthu that’s y imfa ya yesu inatipulumutsa ku chilamulo cha moses. Ngakhale bodza lomweli kwa mulungu ndi tchimo, kusuta, kumwa mwa uchidakwa koma sitiwadzudzula anthu otelewo.

  100. @ Miriam Mtendere; The bible in Ezekiel GOD says ‘ İ said to the sinner, you will die. İf you don’t warn a sinner to stop his sinful ways. Surely the sinner will die, but his blood, İ will ask from your hands, cause you did not warn him.”
    Here in Malawi we love them all thats why we are warning, blaming and advising them to stop tis sinful bodily desire. But as for Pope it seems he delight in Hell he wants more pipo to be perished together with him, no love at all.
    Read in the BİBLE,
    The good over evil

  101. pope is for catholica and not for christians because christians belong to christ.What it means is that all cathorics are those to apologise. No wonder as all bishops, fathers and the pope are gays and all sisters are lesbians.Their wrath is near.

  102. Bombocrat u cyaant conquer as wi r lyk seeds Nuh apology to babylon system Man tour women deal in Most High way wi wil never stop chant homosexuality wicked people until one of yo member haf a baby,#unruly

  103. The problem is.. people hate gays, its wrong to hate a human being …hate gayism not the gays.. Hate the sin not the sinner .. Jesus was a friend of sinners ..he loved the sinners but he never loved sin. He loved the Tax collector but never loved Tax collection. Love the homosexuals.. hate homosexuality.

  104. no apologiese & we’re ready kili those people here in africa. each & every day you read the veses in bible . what kind of person are you?

  105. I was shocked to hear such words from a great men like ,i don’t think we owe guys people any apology ,they are the very people to apologise to christians for deforming christ character the whole thing is sanity people do all things and we should apologise to them ,no i totally disagree let them be taken for total deliverance coz what they thinking and doing is craziness !!

  106. Us We Don’t Have That Time To Apologies For The Stupidity. We Say What God’s Says.We Stand For The Truth Go To Hell All Of You Gays.Just Wait For Your Big And Big Punishments.At The Distance Gods Sees.

  107. Sheeee pipo out there!!! analedzera mtonjani munthu lero kuti mmufunse akamba zosiyana ndi zomwe anakamba tingopempha MULUNGU amukhulukire pa zomwe wakakambazi (shame on pope)

  108. Lets weigh btwn the Jesus says on Lesbianism and what Pope says.If there is a difference,Which one should we follow btwn Jesus and Pope?

  109. Lets weigh btwn the Jesus says on Lesbianism and what Pope says.If there is a difference,Which one should we follow btwn Jesus and Pope?

  110. waku vatcan tikapepese, tinyamuke liti guys???
    ED Adams Dumisani Sensetional Mazibuko Davie Mdzati Makawa Matchipisa Masache Ruthlen Labanah Madalitso Lingo Yakota Joseph Ntopa Phiri Lildixboy Masimbe

  111. Ooo my GOD! Bible sinama taonan zoona munthu wabwinobwino kusogolela choipa, soka kwaiwe woyambisa ife sitikhala ana asatana fire! 2 u!

  112. The Church should also apologize to women and children and to all the non Europeans the Church enslaved, raped, murdered, genocided, and culturally destroyed.

    The Church should make penance for their crimes and sell all their worldly possessions and make restitution to all the impoverished human beings they have created all around the world.

  113. kkkkkkkkk akuterotu chifukwa ndiomwewa anayamba kusintha bible nde tiyambe kuchosa kaye anawonjezelazo kapena kuchosazo kenako tisamawatsatile coz tingamanene kut sitikuwasatila pomwe pali zambiri zomwe achina papawo anazikhazikisa komanso we follow tht ie praying on sunday the made names of monthes thts y mwezi umatha kutuluka date lili 26 or whatever kale mwezi ukatuluka imakhala 1 komanso ndiomwewo mpaka pano akumayang’anila za chipembezo nde lets start to change here so tht we can bleme them

  114. Desruction of these our generation z just around the corner plz watchout.let the book of Revelution speaks itself we are not perfect people but these stupidity games in the name of Religion we can’t toralet anymore

  115. Ine Ndilipansi Pa Ulamuliro Wakumwamba,osati Pans Pa Papa Ayi,amene Alipansi Paulamuliro Wa Mkuluyu Amvere Zopusazo,ndimawopa Kumwamba Osat Dziko,ngat Yesu Amadana Ndimchitidwewu Ine Ndindani Kt Ndiphule,sindidzalora Khalidwe Lauchimoli

  116. any way let me keep faith & trust in GOD not for the man this story its too heavy for me to handle it & but what I know is there is afinal judgement for us.let me ask as asiner too why God creat Men n women? is he made amistake ? He never made amistake either to be sin as I know so why we looks so wise enough to try to change things for him to create everythng he new it was GOOD so as we asked to appologyz n forgivns to each other we need to REPENT also for our SINS. Iam not wonderling because this is just biggining of the signs of the LAST DAYS many pple will be lost for the trueth GLORY to GOD all the TIME.

  117. of coz dont judge someone but this is too much then why did GOD destroy sodom and Gomorrah definetly its because of this homosexual thing so why is pope teling people not to judge them when what they r doing its not allowed.. GOD will judge.

  118. of coz dont judge someone but this is too much then why did GOD destroy sodom and Gomorrah definetly its because of this homosexual thing so why is pope teling people not to judge them when what they r doing its not allowed.. GOD will judge.

  119. Mumapindula chani mukamanyoza munthu/anthu amene ngakhale ndinthawi yao yocepa chabe sapanga zainu or kukunyozani? Mukhoza kuzimva kti ndinu woyera pamaso chonchi ameneso muli asatana othera2.dziwani kti tchimo/themberero silicoka patali mulibe mphavu zoweruza dikirani mwiniwake Mulungu azaweruze

    1. Mwina iweyo sumawerenga Bible ndiye zomwa anthuwa akuyankha sukuziwa sikunyoza “konda nzako mmene uzikondera iwe mwini” koma sodom ndi Gomora anawonongedwa chifukwa cha tchimo logona amuna okhaokha kapena akazi okhaokha ndipo bible likuti “ochita ichi achita cha manyazi aphedwe”

  120. Nthawi zina it’s good kumvetsa nkhani and reasons behind b4 commenting. This world is bigger and Christianity is deeper than most of our thoughts.

  121. Nthawi zina it’s good kumvetsa nkhani and reasons behind b4 commenting. This world is bigger and Christianity is deeper than most of our thoughts.

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    Pope Francis: Church Should Apologize To Gays And Other Marginalized Groups

    June 26, 20167:47 PM ET



    Pope Francis talks to journalists on his flight back to Rome on Sunday, following a visit to Armenia.

    Tiziana Fabi/AFP/Getty Images

    Aboard a flight home from Armenia, Pope Francis fielded a pointed question from reporters: Did he agree with

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    Pope Francis: Church Should Apologize To Gays And Other Marginalized Groups

    June 26, 20167:47 PM ET



    Pope Francis talks to journalists on his flight back to Rome on Sunday, following a visit to Armenia.

    Tiziana Fabi/AFP/Getty Images

    Aboard a flight home from Armenia, Pope Francis fielded a pointed question from reporters: Did he agree with

  124. Pop is out mind also and he is having evil spirit also of not fearing the Lord God, him must apologise himself to his friends the gays, don’t push christians as if we are all interested in gays, to hell with your gays, I fear no evil but only our Lord Jesus Christ has power to save.

  125. Pop is out mind also and he is having evil spirit also of not fearing the Lord God, him must apologise himself to his friends the gays, don’t push christians as if we are all interested in gays, to hell with your gays, I fear no evil but only our Lord Jesus Christ has power to save.

  126. Jesus showed people love but asked them to follow him and turn away from their sin. I will do the same. Sorry Mr Francis

  127. Jesus showed people love but asked them to follow him and turn away from their sin. I will do the same. Sorry Mr Francis

  128. Hope the best way is to teach Christ to them, they are the ones who needs to be helped to receive Christ and renew their life style otherwise these modern teachings and doctrine if not carefully looked into the word of God will be twisted and affected the goals of the gospel to man

  129. Hope the best way is to teach Christ to them, they are the ones who needs to be helped to receive Christ and renew their life style otherwise these modern teachings and doctrine if not carefully looked into the word of God will be twisted and affected the goals of the gospel to man

  130. Pope ndiwasatanic paja musaiwale.Baibulo ali nalo Mulunga adalanga mtundu wanthu chifukwa chamkhalidwe umenewu.HE must be very stupit.

  131. Pope ndiwasatanic paja musaiwale.Baibulo ali nalo Mulunga adalanga mtundu wanthu chifukwa chamkhalidwe umenewu.HE must be very stupit.

  132. l think there is a slant difference between judging and criticising.we as christians do not judge those particular gays,lesbians e.t.c but we are only trying to criticis them for what they do.Infact there actions is arleady a judgement on its own for we know that the bible does not approve homosexuality.Think of Sodom and Gommorah

  133. l think there is a slant difference between judging and criticising.we as christians do not judge those particular gays,lesbians e.t.c but we are only trying to criticis them for what they do.Infact there actions is arleady a judgement on its own for we know that the bible does not approve homosexuality.Think of Sodom and Gommorah

  134. As a staunch Catholic these things irritate me. He is too liberal diverting beliefs and from the Bible. Should we apologise gir judging thieves, murders and paedophiles too?

  135. This is rebellion to God almighty! How dare you are telling Christians to apologize and bow down to Satan? Never manipulate us, we know whom we serve. Even if the whole world apologize, I can’t do it, better you hang me alive

  136. If you don’t know this people’s my friend I m telling u this people is a lil devil. And if u can search to Google u can change your blive Pope is a satani u mast know that

  137. May Allah guide you to Islam, Put Allah’s Noor (light) into ur heart that you may see what you are failing to see rt now. office desk instrumental reasoning has absorbed may of us! ndekuti ndizoona kuti papa anawuthawa udindouja amathawadi zimenezi eti!!!

    1. Don’t fool yourself my friend Ishael,both of you Catholics and Muslims will burn in hell fire for rejecting Jesus Christ the only way into salvation. take note of that.

  138. The last world dictator will attempt to remake societal laws after his own fashion. This will revolve around humanistic thinking. He will change the constitutions of national entities in an attempt to resolve man’s problems by means of man. He will disregard natural law and ignore laws of economics, government and morality. He will dare to think of himself as the solution to the problems of man. This delusion will last for three and a half years in the Tribulation. His power will be limited to a very definite period, and then God will pull the plug on him.

  139. when we read Revelations we are plainly told the truth that the Catholic and their pope are the anti-christ..Chilombo chotuluka pansi…ndiye sizodabwitsa timakudziwani kale

  140. Apologising 4 wat ..nosense get behind us satan..#mathanyura adzisekerera acatholic omweo ,,we call dis mpuso kwa #popeyo cz dat bull shit…aaasa mpaka bp yanga yakwera go to hell pope

  141. Stupid Pope, Real Agents of Satanism practices on earth. These are just some of the many reasons I left going to Roman Catholic Church since primary school. I would rather choose praying on my own than going to waste my time bowing down to these un Holly Catholic priests.

  142. Who is he to tell us to apologise a thing which is against God? We do not entertain sin, no compromizing, to speak the truth, we don’t look on persons, position and etc. The Bible says if you know the truth it will set you free. The truth is Jesus. Jesus himself spoke truth without considering earthly positions when there is sin. byee

  143. pope is a wicked one and there is no doubt about that, hw can one person be incharge of the whole world. someone to tell me which verse supports a law of marriage between two people of the same sex??? Isn’t God who made a man and a woman, why didn’t he made the two men? Wasn’t he thinking ??? its like he is defending the sin and by donig so, he is also a sinner.

  144. No wonder God says that in the last dys many false prophet “ll arise in His name. That’s why we need to taste the spirit if it comes from God…… koma tsoka kwa iye amene abweretsa chokhumudwisa….ndipo Mulungu aku khululukire chifukwa suzindikira chomwe ukuchita

  145. My brothers and sisters the end is approaching lets practice what God wants us to do.How can such a person(pope) say this? amwene akulukulu inu ndkumakamba za fodya! if u were near i cud have grabbed ua neck,even dogs dont do that,i tell u if u r a christian u cud hav nt uttered this nonsense,bt if u r a gay,then sorry,bt i pray for forgvenes from God for my sins.

  146. He dress like aman of God but the way he speaks it i s absolutry 0.don’t mind him mwina ma cathoric anzachewo.Birds of same feathers………………..

  147. did he tell you the Malawi 24? musamunyozetse munthu. I can challenge Malawi 24 to give you the source or link of this story, they will fail akukunamizani amenewa akufuna mungomunyoza pope basi. pope akafuna kunena chinthu chimakhala ndindondomeko komazo timadziwira pa Vatican Radio sayankhula wamba zinthu zoti dziko lose live mwava mbutuma inu? kuzolowera kulemba zabodza basi?

    1. Thanks for technology. ..tsopano tikamafotokoza za zimene zikuchitika mudzikoli muziganiza kuti tangoziphika kuti tiyipitse …ndinthawi kuti muzifufuza …Nkhani iripamwambayi ndiyowona ndipo umboni wake ndiokhulupirika ..fufuzani ma sources alemba amunawa ..tsegukani MASO.

    2. Iweso ndi mbutuma coz the prophecy already foretold abt pope &catholic church as babylon,so even if malawi 24 said so,they r not violating papacy reputation bt its the bibilical fact

  148. Mavuto Tikumana Naowa Ndiye Amene Ndi Akatolika Akeo.Yesu Anati Mtendele Ukhalenafe Iwo Ali Ayi Ndinu Nomwe Kum’bwezeranso Kufuna Iwo Kutiramulira Chamba Ndi Mafano Awoo

  149. Is the Pope a Christian? In the Bible, those who were engaging in homosexuality were put to death. how come this man tells us to apologize to sinners?

    1. Am not a Catholic. But i just want to emphasise on this issue about LG….We are all sinners; akhungu sangatsogolerane. Are we sure that we are 100% pure before God?. Tikanakhala kuti tonse tili choncho(100% Pure before God) bwezi dzikoli kulibe mavuto!. Lets not judge indeed!!

  150. THE LAST DAYS, i hope u knw wht i mean, if ua real christians, no more words to escalete about this. Zisiyeni zikulile limodz …..

  151. I dont support homosexuality but its about time time you all did some research on christianity and its roots….start with the council of nicea.

  152. It’s the Catholics who can do that coz they believe in him so called pope. If it was prayers, yes not apologies forget

  153. that end time prophecy from GOD. it is one who is ant christ to come to derseve pple around the globai bt rupture is near tocome be alert

  154. Its only Islamic beliefs which have all the necessary values coz u wiil never see a true beliver coming out with this point (sodom and Gomorrah were punished coz they was against the nature ) pope watch ur tounge

  155. koma nkulu uyu ndiye watikwana mmmmm,,,hu r u #LucciferPope? wht evr u call urserf zimenezi uzikawauza ma Romans anzako ku church komwe mumanamuzanako,,,,nthawi yanu inatha vomerezani kuti ndinu olephera

  156. Guys if we are not verry careful we are all going to perish. Papayo ndi chiwanda chotheratu thats why akufuna kukhazikitsa sunday law, za chamba basi. Nde muuzeni kuti zauchitsiru zakezo kwawo konko ndi makatolika azakewo, mwatopanaye maliya mwayamba ma gays? Tikuoneni ma gay wachaulele chodzadza satana ali nanu, ndinu odala mwa amuna ose yodalaso mbuzi yanu papa, ma gay oyipa aphwawo asatana, tsopano ndiposo pa nthawi yakuotchedwe kwanu foolish.

  157. I cant defend this delvish idea bcz i was in catholic before!! It is totaly embalacement before God! You must apologise urself to guys and lesbians not follers of christ! Dont misslead peple with ur iginorant religion of catholisim

  158. Jah helping us please my lord this man his brain is finish my people killed every day in malawi but is doing nothing who is gays did God created gay no. My Jah helping us please iknow is hard but please Jah jah

  159. Who z pope after all?? This message shud go to his fellow catholics not all christians. Mukamamva kut uchitsilu ndye uwuwu. Munthu mkulukulu wandevu zake, imvi zake ndthu bbas kupita pa air nkumanena zimenezi.

  160. Kodi u yu ndi wamkulu wa sutanic faith mulungu wa Roman Catholic shame on you that’s why that x pope was resigned as a pope bcoz he did want his soul to be sold to the devil beside God only .

  161. aaaaa noo i can’t take this anymore…there lies a sense of stupidity in his speech…no wonder if am to conclude that he MUST BE ONE OF THEM!!! To hail with that STUPIDITY!!!!!!!!!

  162. Everyday everyone is forced fed gays & lesbos this is no longer fun why?is this the end of sane man & women i am confused..