Bushiri loses property worth R5.5 million in South Africa  


The South African Government has seized property valued at R5.5 million (about K269 million) owned by Shepherd Bushiri and Mary Bushiri who violated their bail conditions by escaping to Malawi last week.

The couple, who are being accused of money laundering and fraud, were granted bail on 4 November by Pretoria Magistrates Court and they were told not to leave South Africa before the conclusion of their case, which Crime Investigators say it involves R102 million ($6.6 million).

However, the Bushiris defied the orders by escaping to Malawi, a move which caught the South African government by surprise.

The development forced the South African government to issue two warrants of arrest for the couple and ordered them to appear before the Magistrates Court on Thursday or risk losing millions of rand if they do not return to Pretoria.

And on Thursday, Magistrate Thandi Thelefu, who asked for the couple to be called three times at their hearing, ruled that their property be forfeited to the state for failing to appear before the court.

According to Theledi, the property has been seized because it was tied to their bail to the state.

Bushiri’s legal team in South Africa said they were not informed of the couple’s movements and they knew about the decision though the media.

On Wednesday, the self-proclaimed Prophet and his wife handed themselves to Malawi Police following a warrant of arrest issued by the South African government.

Meanwhile, reports reaching Malawi24 indicates that Pretoria has already submitted documents for the extradition of the couple to South Africa where they will stand trial.