Youth organization rescues paralysed man


Nancholi Youth Organization (NAYO) has rescued a 62-year man who has been paralyzed for years and was living alone in a dilapidated house.

Attributing the development to Malawi24, NAYO project officer Mathews Katete said Gassa Namalamba from Mpagaja village in Blantyre has been in agony for over two years and he had no one to take care of him.

Katete said since 2018, Namalamba has been complaining of high blood pressure which led to the paralysis of one side of his body and he could not do things by himself a development.

However, NAYO a few days ago came to his rescue as he was identified as palliative care patient and he was put on treatment.

The institution hired some people to take care of him and his condition has now completed improved. Namalamba has now started sitting properly, eating without any support and his health status has as well improved.

“NAYO wishes to thank everyone who has supported Mr. Namalamba throughout his palliative care treatment with different materials. Namalamba’s situation has improved as he is now able to sit properly, eat without any support. His health status has also improved.

“NAYO also wishes to thank the medical team for the job well done and all the support that they have provided to Mr. Namalamba and we don’t forget Patience Namadingo who donated some items upon being approached,” said Katete.

Nancholi Youth Organization which is headquartered in Nancholi, Blantyre is the only Malawian youth organization which owns a clinic that offers health services to the community free of charge.

The organisation has Resource Centre, constructed a youth friendly health services centre, an ART Clinic, and an Under-five clinic and is reaching over 38 villages.

Meanwhile, the institution has vowed to continuously work hand in hand with the Malawi government through the ministry of health in health service delivery especially in rural areas where people have to walk a long distance to access health services.


The organization through the project officer further said every Thursday their clinicians goes to rural areas within the Blantyre city where they offer treatment to out-patients under their mobile clinic project.

The organization was founded in 2004 and registered under Malawi Network of AIDS Service Organizations (MANASO) and the District AIDS Coordinating Committee (DACC) and a member of Medical Council of Malawi.