AFORD seeks to regain popularity


By Noel Mkwaila

Alliance for Democracy (AFORD) says it has put in place measures that will help it to regain support across the country.

One of the party’s senior executive member Chris Thaulo said the party has been getting attention following the 2020 Fresh Presidential Elections.

“After the Fresh Presidential Elections is when we have seen tremendous growth of our party the reason being that Malawians have realized the importance of supporting AFORD,” Thaulo said.

She added that people have started loving the party again due to its commitment to promote peace and advocate for democracy without taking sides or looking at region or tribe one belongs to.

He has since asked the Malawians to commit themselves in quest for continued sustainability of the party.

Meanwhile, the party which is part of Tonse Alliance’s led government has commended President Lazarus Chakwera for his dedication in the creation of new Malawi through the High 5 agenda.

“This has been portrayed in our first 100 days where we have seen him together with the Tonse Alliance team putting much effort clean up the Capital Hill and civil service.” He clarified.

Commenting on the issue, social-political commentator, Caesar Kondowe said it is very pleasing that party leaders have realized the importance of putting much effort into re-boosting of the party.

He has however sent a strong advice to authorities to put much of their focus on rebranding.

“Party officials should entrust youths as capable group of people that can help it much to regain its popularity as it was in the dawn of multiparty.

“There are so many youths out there who if given a chance can lead it and beat the so called major parties right now,” he added.