Chakwera rebuffs IMF on AIP: State House says Malawi leader wants to fight hunger


State House has questioned why the International Monetary Fund (IMF) has problems with the Affordable Input Programme (AIP), saying President Lazarus Chakwera introduced the programme to fight hunger in Malawi.

Speaking in Lilongwe during a State House press briefing, press secretary Brian Banda wondered why the IMF is against the program.

Brian Banda

The IMF last week expressed concern over the AIP saying it has a narrow focus on maize as there is no support for other crops. The AIP which is being implemented targets 4.2 million farmer who are buying fertilizer at K4,495 per bag and seed at K2,00 per bag.

Banda at the press conference said Chakwera’s stand is to make sure that Malawi defeats hunger which hits the country every year.

“If people have a problem with that, then maybe something is wrong. What organisations like IMF and others should do is to help the president in making sure that we deal with the problems that have been affecting this country,” said Banda.

The IMF also criticized the introduction of the K100,000 tax free band, saying it will benefit the wealthy while leaving out people in rural areas who are unemployed.

But Banda defended the tax free band arguing that it will allow Malawians receiving low salaries to have more money in their pockets.

“The purpose is to empower Malawians, people should have money to be able to uplift the country and that the country grows together,” said Banda.


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  1. Mr president do things to help the needy Malawians not the IMF

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