Nancholi Youths join govt in health service delivery


Blantyre youths under Nancholi Youth Organization (NAYO) have joined hands with the government in providing health services through provision of mobile clinics reaching 38 villages.

Registered in April 2004 under Malawi Network of AIDS Service Organizations (MANASO) and the District AIDS Coordinating Committee (DACC) and a member of Medical Council of Malawi, NAYO which is based in Nancholi, Blantyre is currently providing health services to over 38 surrounding villages.

NAYO project officer Faith Chikwewa said the organization embraces youth from across the social, economic and political spectrum and is involved in fighting against all social issues that lead to the spread of HIV and AIDS and other sexually transmitted infections (STIs).

Chikwewa said NAYO also offers school support to needy boys and girls from various secondary school which includes provision of school fees, writing materials, school uniform, school bags and school shoes.

She further added that so far they have established a Resource Centre, they have constructed a youth friendly health services centre, an ART Clinic, and an Under-five clinic in Mchokera.

“At NAYO, we offer ART services both in Mobile and static clinic. Static clinic is where the clients come and access the medical service at NAYO Clinic while during mobile clinic, our medical team travel to various villages where the ART service is provided.

Namadingo (3rd from left) during the visit to the clinic

“NAYO offers palliative care to people in Nancholi and the 38 villages that we operate in and currently, we have 3 mobile clinic where ARTs are offered, the three villages include; Chimwanga, Nchokera and Mpemba,” said Chikwewa.

She further said that they are aiming at helping the Malawi government in providing health services to its citizens claiming that is everyone’s responsibility.

Earlier this week, musician Patience Namadingo visited the facility where he denoted some materials to a patient on palliative care after reading a Facebook post which sought financial support for the patient.