Poly students demand action against lecturers who sexually abuse students

University of Malawi

The Polytechnic Students Union (PSU) has demanded action against lecturers who sexually abuse female students.

This follows revelations by female students that senior lecturers at the school demanded sex from them.

In one of the cases, a senior lecturer at The Malawi Polytechnic demanded sex from a student who had approached him on issues concerning welfare.

The same member of staff is also accused of attempting to use his office to sexually abuse a student who had lost her guardian – the one who was paying her school fees.  The lecturer reportedly approached the female student, told her she will struggle financially, and offered to assist her in exchange for sexual favours.

Issues of sexual abuse of female students were reported to the college management but no action was being taken.

After screenshots of conversations between a student and a lecture went viral online, the college on Monday held a hearing.

PSU General Secretary Dalitso Nicodimo told the local media that cases of sexual abuse perpetrated by academic members of staff are not new at the college hence the need for stiff punishment to the lecturers involved.