Mob in Dedza forces seven-month pregnant woman to take poison


A mob in Dedza on Tuesday forced a seven-month pregnant woman to take poison after accusing her of causing the death of a 14-year-old boy.

Dedza Police Publicist Cassim Manda has confirmed the incident, saying police rescued the woman and took her to hospital.

Manda identified the woman as Rose Laston aged 25 of Nazikhale village in TA Kamenyagwaza in the district while the boy has been identified as Mayeso Joseph.

According to Manda, Laston’s and Mayeso’s families on Sunday were involved in a fight over debt. Mayeso collapsed while attempting to run away from the scene and was taken to hospital.

“The boy’s mother told the hospital that her son collapsed but the boy’s relatives were spreading rumours that Laston hit Joseph with a stone during the fight,” said Manda.

The boy died on Tuesday morning and in the evening his family members stormed the house of Laston where they forced her to take poison.

After the police received a report, they rushed to the scene where they rescued the woman and took her hospital. Manda said the woman is admitted at the hospital and is doing well.