Two arrested for killing 70-year-old woman in Dedza

Police have arrested two men over the murder of 70-year-old Stella Chigule who was stoned to death after being accused of practicing witchcraft in Dedza.

National Police publicist James Kadadzera said the two are believed to be ring leaders in the gruesome murder of the woman which occurred at Fumbwa village, T/A Tambala over the weekend.

The two are Wesley Petro aged 30 who was arrested in Salima after bolting from the village, and Stefano Gervazio, 55, who was also arrested in Dedza after being on the run.

According to Kadzadzera, the law enforcers are looking for more suspects.

“Other suspects are in hiding but the arm of the law will catch up with them and they will be properly prosecuted,” Kadadzera said.

Kadadzera then urged people to desist from ridiculing, injuring or killing innocent people on witchcraft allegations.

According to the police spokesperson, citizens should report those suspected of practicing witchcraft to authorities for action.

“Malawians should always remember that mob justice is one form of gross human rights violation,” he said.

Over the years, several elderly people have been killed in Malawi on allegations of practicing witchcraft.

The Malawi Network for Older Persons’ Organizations (MANEPO) said on Tuesday that uncoordinated responses at various levels of the justice administrative system and the absence of structured community support systems continue to make Malawi one of the worst countries for one to grow old in Africa.