Death at the funeral:  Tears flow at Mzomera Ngwira’s sentencing

It rained tears in Mzimba earlier today when Resident Magistrate Mathews Msiska slapped DPP regional governor for the North Reverend Christopher Mzomera Ngwira with four years imprisonment.

Ngwira has faced the wrath of the law for abusing public funds. He feasted on K250, 000 which was designated for construction of a teacher’s house at Lukwelukwe when he was a legislator for Mzimba Hora.

The judgement shocked his loved ones that they could not hold their tears. A video that is in circulation on social media shows women weeping as if they are at a funeral.

The event has drawn mixed reactions from social media users. Others are making fun of the situation while others are expressing pity for the jailed politician.

“Why on Earth should people cry for a thief. Those mourners have tears to waste,” commented Mphatso Magaleta.

Glory Jere commented: “So sad but he is paying for the crimes he committed, I feel sorry for those crying though.”

Naphy Mtewa wrote: “This is so sad. People are mourning as if he is dead.”

Some commentators have argued that the judgement is not fair to Ngwira since he abused meagre some of money.

In defence of his judgement, the Magistrate said that it is meant to deter misuse of government resources.