Martse is a sperm donor – daughter’s mother rants


Controversial hip hop artist Martse has been humbled by mother of his daughter after painting her name black on social media on Saturday.

The rapper sought audience’ sympathy when he posted on social media that the mother does not allow him to see his child.

After a couple of supportive responses to his post, it was the mother’s turn to respond. She said the artist is not a responsible father as he is never there for his child. She also accused the musician of being disrespectful towards his family.

“If I may ask what have you contributed in the upbringing of your so called daughter apart from her first baby clothes and now she will be turning 3 years old? Have you ever seen her before? Do you pay child support?” asked the mother.

She went on to tell the Martse to take responsibility.

“Grow up and take responsibility until then you are just a sperm donor. You can continue posting on social media just for likes and comments.”

The Mwano star’s issue with his mother’s child have made him a subject of discussion in the public domain. He follows in the footsteps of Janta who was all over the media in the past week.