UTM launches campaign in Phalombe North


UTM launched its campaign in Phalombe North Constituency on Saturday at Milepe school in preparation for the 10th November by-elections.

Speaking during the launch, UTM’s Secretary General who is also the Minister of Gender, Community Development and Social Welfare Patricia Kaliati said that they will make sure that they have peaceful elections and voters should vote wisely.

Kaliati added that if UTM’s candidate is voted into power, people of Phalombe North will experience change in terms of access to good water, new tarmac roads, availability of food and bringing help to the vulnerable.

UTM supporters

“We came here to plead with people of Phalombe North to vote for UTM’s candidate because we are into the ruling government as a result their problems will be tackled easily than voting for opposition. In this constituency people lack good water, they are experiencing hunger and they have few good tarmac roads. We came to open their eyes so that after 10th November their problems should be history,” said Kaliati.

Kaliati arriving at the rally

She also said that as part of their campaign they will launch a 1 million bonanza for the youth to make them busy and 4 best teams will be given uniforms.

“We have divided the 1 million in two wards each ward will have five hundred thousand kwacha. We don’t want the youth to conduct themselves in early marriages, drug and substance abuse. To avoid that we want them to be fit and busy by doing sports activities.”

Justine Mokuwa who is UTM’s inspiring candidate said he is optimistic that he is going to win the 10th November by-elections and he is ready to serve his people.

He said: “People of Phalombe North constituency will be saved from their problems if I will be voted as their Member of Parliament. We promise to bring change to the people, we will build houses for the elderly and needy students will be put on basally just to mention a few.”