It ends in tears for Janta

That hot couple is no longer hot. It’s frozen as the ‘Divorce’ hit-maker Janta has revealed that he came close to committing suicide after his very recent break-up.

The Lilongwe based singer producer shocked the country late last week when he separated with his wife. Worse still, the wife took their child along.

Posting on social media, Janta whose real name is Shukuran Mwachumu narrated his sad story.

Janta and wife

According to Shukuran, his ex-wife cheated on him with a married man. He described his former wife as a beautiful apple which is rotten inside.

The story continues as the divorce hitmaker has now released a song entitled Chisoni (sorrow). The song has strong connection to his marriage experience.

In the song, Janta tells his mother that he planned to take his life but he cannot because he does not want his child to grow without a father.

However, some people believe the whole story is fake. They are of the view that the artist has created the story just to sell his latest song.