Teenage boy rapes two children


Police in Dedza have arrested 18-year-old Jaiteni Nyumbu for raping two children aged five and seven.

Dedza police station deputy publicist Sergeant Cassim Manda has confirmed saying the suspect was caught on 12 September and arrested by Police on September 13.

According to Manda, Nyumbu who was accompanied by another suspect who is at large, coaxed the two girls aged five and seven respectively by buying them chips at Hiwa village.

Then the two boys took the children to a nearby woodlot where they raped them.

However, the two were caught in the act by one of the sisters to the girls who was apparently fetching firewood and had heard the screams.

She then took matter to the village headman Nato before the incident sparked an outrage from the villagers.

Nyumbu was then caught attempting to escape although his friend had already escaped from the village.

A preliminary probe into the matter has since revealed that the two boys had been raping the girls for some time.

Nyumbu, who is a member of Gule wamkulu cult, will also answer a case of grievous harm for hacking an older woman who went to graveyard to fetch the firewood.

He hacked the granny while in his Gule wamkulu regalia allegedly enraged by the woman’s act of fetching firewood close to their camp.

Jaiteni Nyumbu hails from Nato village in Traditional Authority Kasumbu in Dedza.