Mzimba Luwelezi MP dumps DPP for UTM

Member of Parliament for Mzimba Luwelezi constituency has left the opposition Democratic Progressive Party (DPP) and has joined UTM.

The legislator Sam Chirwa MP Mzimba Luwelezi was on Sunday welcomed to the UTM during a rally attended by UTM officials including Regional Governor North Dr Moses Mlenga at Champhira in the Constituency.

He claimed that he consulted his constituents before making the decision to join the UTM which is part of the ruling Tonse Alliance.

Chirwa won his parliamentary seat in the 2019 election on an independent ticket. After his win, he joined the DPP which was a ruling party at the time.

The DPP lost power in the 2020 Fresh Presidential Election to the Tonse Alliance which include Malawi Congress Party and UTM.

Other UTM officials at the rally included Deputy director of elections Bright Kawaga, Deputy director of campaign Makwenda Chunga, Deputy Treasurer General Olipa Muyaba and executive member Chihaula Shaba.