DREAM in mother-child HIV prevention awareness campaign

DREAM Community of Sant’egidio organization has embarked on an awareness campaign  to promote prevention of mother-to-child HIV transmission in Thyolo.

Project field officer for DREAM in Thyolo, Evison Mwenda, said the campaign is aimed at supporting government to achieve its initiative of eradicating mother to child HIV transmission.

“We are here to spread the message pertaining to the protection of child from mother-child HIV transmission. The government came across that mother to child HIV transmission is escalating therefore, it introduced PMTC aimed at reducing the situation.

“So we  are here to sensitize people on that so that come 2030 we eliminate or reduce HIV transmission from mother to child,” said Mwenda.

He further added: “It is our hope and expectation to make Nchilamwera, Thyolo as well as Malawi free of HIV and AIDS.

Commenting on the matter, Charles Sandram, who is a health worker operating in the area of village head Magombo said the awareness by the DREAM will ease their work of counseling expectant mothers on adherence of procedures to protect a mother to child HIV

In his remarks, Mike Meleka who spoke on behalf of Senior Chief Nchilamwera applauded the DREAM saying their awareness has been an eye opener to other women who live in ignorance.

He then advised women against delivering at home saying they will face a

DREAM started mother to child HIV protection project in Thyolo in 2016 with the financial support from ActionAid.