Mboro cures Covid-19: Bishop Makamu confesses


A South African based Covid-19 patient, identified as Mama Joy, a staunch Orlando Pirates fan, has been healed by Prophet Mboro.

Narrating the development in a video made available through various platforms, Bishop Makamu said the miracle happened at a time when Mama Joy was critically ill but Prophet Mboro risked his life to pray for her from which she got recovered.

“Who remembers Mama Joy? A recent testimony of a well-known number one fan of Orlando Pirates who had Coronavirus? Prophet Mboro still stood and prayed for her and as we speak she’s alive and well,” said Makamu.

Aside healing the Covid-19 patient, Mboro has been hailed for performing miracles that have changed the lives of many, through healing the sick and providing shelter to the needy.

“This story reminds me of Ntate Mboro who sacrificed so much money and his life for strangers and at the end of it all, he was thrown like trash till this day he is still a piece of trash to those that have benefited from him. Even after giving millions, helping the destitute and less privileged not only that but he has given 23 homes excluding renovations of schools and hostels, giving bursaries, food parcels, risking his life by touching rotten bodies and even reaching out to all those who are affected by Coronavirus and also helping faith leaders,” the bishop said.

According to the Makamu, Mboro has also performed miracles on people who had no hope, including a certain woman from Soweto who was addicted to alcohol but now she is okay after the Prophet prayed for her.

“Who remembers MaSoweto? A woman who was a drunkard and also had a sister who was critically ill, with her an operation on her stomach which couldn’t be sealed but by calling the anointing of Ntate Mboro she was healed.”

“Who remembers Mamorwesi? A woman who had a womb which couldn’t be stitched anymore after having it stitched more than 14 times and that made faeces to come out on her womb, Ntate Mboro prayed and stood for her and she was completely healed.”

“Hope you haven’t forgotten about Xolisile who used to give birth to fishes, after Ntate Mboro stopped his life for her and went on a spiritual battle for her, one of the long battles he’s ever been in. Xolisile gave birth to two healthy boys. Let me remind you of Pearl Tshabalala who had a septic operation which couldn’t heal and also a rotten biscuit, Prophet Mboro prayed for her, do you still remember how Ntate Mboro vomited as he laid his hands on the septic operation which had pus coming out? Narrated Makamu in the video.

Prophet Mboro’s miracles haven’t spared the media as he has been credited for saving Theta FM and Moretele FM from collapsing due to financial problems.

“Thetha FM and Moretele FM were going through hard times which could have led to their radio stations shutting down, Ntate Mboro supported them financially so and today they are considered as one of the biggest radio stations,” said the witness.