AG says injunction against Coronavirus measures still in place


Attorney General Chikosa Silungwe has advised the Presidential Taskforce on Coronavirus that Coronavirus prevention and management rules cannot be enforced because of the anti-lockdown injunction.

Silungwe in a letter to the taskforce, said the rules were suspended by the High Court when it granted the anti-lockdown injunction in April.

“This means that the suspension imposed by the court is still in force, Government cannot, therefore, enforce or implement the rules until the suspension is lifted,” said Silungwe.

Malawi has seen a rise in cases of the Coronavirus over past weeks and the Coronavirus taskforce in a press release last week announced a ban on weddings, parties, religious gatherings and other public meetings with immediate effect.

However, Silungwe has told the taskforce to issue another press release informing the public that the measures are suspended.

“In view of the foregoing, you are advised to reverse your decision to implement to implement the rules by way of press release since the matter is in court,” he said.

The Attorney General added that his office is handling the matter with utmost urgency.

The country has so far recorded 2,430 cases including 747 recoveries and 39 deaths.

In April, the government wanted to institute a 21-day lockdown but some Malawians obtained an injunction saying there were no measures put in place to assist people during the lockdown regime.