No winner yet in Malawi Elections – Atupele

President Peter Mutharika’s runningmate in the Fresh Presidential Elections, Atupele Muluzi, says there is no winner yet in the elections and has faulted the media for declaring one candidate as the winner.

Muluzi was speaking in Blantyre today at a press briefing which he said Mutharika sent him to hold.

He said the Malawi Electoral Commission (MEC) has not yet declared anyone as the winner of the 2020 elections hence people should wait patiently for the commission to announce the outcome.

“We do not have a winner; we do not have a loser. We are calling upon all our supporters and all Malawians to remain peaceful as we wait for the validation process to be completed and to ignore the results are circulating on social media. These are not verified results and they should be ignored,” said Muluzi.

He also faulted the media saying they have attempted to undermine the institution of the MEC by declaring a winner of the elections when the commission is yet to validate the results.

Muluzi further called on parties that feel that they may have won the 2020 elections to avoid placing pressure on the MEC, the Malawi Police and other institutions.

“We are all Malawians and we are looking for a credible result to these elections and the electoral commission is yet to announce the process of elections,” said Muluzi.

He also asked supporters of the UDF/DPP Alliance to maintain peace and continue supporting Mutharika who is the incumbent president.

Malawi held elections on June 23 and unofficial results show that Tonse Alliance candidate Lazarus Chakwera has won the elections.

MEC is expected to announce the results of the election within the next 24 hours.


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  1. Is Atu suggesting DPP wants to frustrate or jeopardise validation process so that Mec has nobody to declare winner.

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