285 Malawian nationals arrive from South Africa

Five buses carrying 285 Malawian nationals coming from South Africa have arrived in the country through the Mwanza formation.

This is a Malawi government program to repatriate citizens who were stranded in South Africa due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

Confirming the arrival of these Malawians was Mwanza border public relations officer Inspector Pasqually Zulu who said the five buses arrived at the formation on Saturday night.

However, Inspector Zulu said the number of buses was supposed to be six, but one had a breakdown in Mozambique whilst in transit to Malawi and it is expected to arrive once the breakdown has been rectified.

The publicist further said that these buses were supposed to arrive at Mwanza border before midday on Saturday but due to other logistical problems there was a delay hence late arrival.

The returnees will leave the border today and are expected to be heading Blantyre where they will be kept for screening and sample collection.

Last week, over 500 returnees arrived through the same border post and 158 tested positive for the COVID-19.

It was also reported that eight people of the coronavirus patients have escaped Kameza quarantine center.

Malawi has recorded 279 coronavirus cases and there have been four deaths.

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