Chilima, Chakwera sent thugs to attack my convoy – Atupele

Democratic Progressive Party (DPP) runningmate Atupele Muluzi has accused opposition Tonse Alliance leaders of sending thugs to attack his convoy.

Muluzi made the claim in a recorded statement posted on his Facebook page.

According to Muluzi, Tonse Alliance presidential candidate Lazarus Chakwera and runningmate Saulos Chilima are behind the attack on his convoy in Dowa and they have been promoting violence over the past 12 months.

“It is unfortunate that leaders of opposition, in particular Dr Lazarus Chakwera and Dr Saulos Chilima organized thugs to attack my convoy as I travelled to Mponela and Kasungu,” Muluzi said.

He added that the he expected more from the two leaders but it is now clear what they are made of.

“It’s very clear that they are perpetuating this violence because they are losing the (2020) elections,” said Muluzi.

On Saturday morning, a large group of unidentified people in Mponela blocked the M1 Lilongwe – Kasungu road with burning tyres.

They smashed vehicles and also engaged in running battles with law enforcers.
According to the Malawi Broadcasting Station, three of its journalists on Muluzi’s campaign trail were injured.

In his statement, Muluzi condemned the act of violence.

He said he has called off his rally in Mponela but he will proceed to pass through the area to go other places.

5 thoughts on “Chilima, Chakwera sent thugs to attack my convoy – Atupele

  1. ndekuti iweyo ndiamene unatuma zigawenga zako kuti zikagende chilima ku phalombe, mxxxxxxxiiii mutu wako

  2. Ochakwera ndi mbudzi, galu, mkhwele, mulunkhu odyera ku nkhongo, osajadulidwa . mdzamuwuze avule ndichosachandula, sovula mkubedi komwe omagona ni trauser mbudzi yeniyeni ya munthu mbamba.

  3. Idiots like these will remain idiots forevermore. You can see his second idiots too dumped off the ruling party and joined to another idiot too for the same sits just to oppose.

  4. Opposition will never change that is why they are called opposition. They are like devil whom GOD threw down for his evil things.
    The opposition abused and vandalised developments yet they belong and use the very same developmens.
    It is always being idiotic and stupidity of Chakwera and saulo, better off to praise a dog has an idea. You cant vandolise the road that you are walking on yet you are using every time on your campaign .

  5. Atupele Muluzi son of a bloody father Elson Bakili Muluzi stop telling lies, each and every civilized Malawian knows that it’s only your father who can do such a thing because he is a fool. Through him alot were murdered in the time of one party rule of Malawi congress Party, through him alot were murdered during his presidency in the multiparty rule of UDF and now he is still not having enough of blood he is fueling the violence in Malawi by giving young stupid cadets some little amounts of money to fight the opposition parties, just because you have been picked to be the running mate of Dpp he is trying every possible to make sure yDpp wins the election so he can still get away woth all evils he conducted all these years. But it’s a shame to your bloody father because his plans won’t work God is in control never again shall you Muluzi family lead Malawi again and soon you will be paying your dues. GOD BLESS Malawi God bless Lazaraus Chakwera and Saulos Chilima as they are preparing to form the next government.

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