Stop using religion as campaign tool – JB


Former president of Malawi Joyce Banda has asked politicians in the country to avoid using religion for political gain during this campaign period.

Banda said this at a rally which Tonse Alliance conducted on Friday at Naisi in Zomba.

Mia speaking during the rally

Speaking with the gathering, Banda condemned United Democratic Front president Atupele Muluzi, who is the runningmate of President Peter Mutharika, for using Islam for political gain.

Earlier this week, Muluzi told a rally that a police officer who was stoned to death by a mob at Msundwe last year was killed because he was a Muslim.

She added that Former president of this country Bakili Muluzi has also been asking politicians to avoid using religion to woo voters to their side.

Concurring with Banda, Vice President of MCP Sidik Mia said what Atupele Muluzi did is one of way separating people by using tribes and religion which he said does not work.

Commander in Chief for Citizen for Transformation Movement (CFT) Timothy Mtambo said Malawians should vote for Tonse Alliance since it will bring a lot change in the country.

Mtambo added that the alliance has a lot of development projects to be implemented in the country which will be beneficial to both men, women and youth.

Malawians will vote in the 2020 fresh presidential elections next month.  Banda, Chakwera and Mia are part of the Tonse Alliance which is being led by Malawi Congress Party candidate Lazarus Chakwera.