Covid-19 patient found in bar after escaping isolation facility


A 27-year-old Covid-19 patient escaped from an isolation facility in Karonga on Saturday and was found in a bar in Nkhatabay on Monday.

Health authorities have confirmed to the local media that the person escaped the isolation facility.

Karonga District director of health and social services David Sibale told the local media that the person did not break any windows or doors during the escape.

The Nation reported that after escaping, the patient travelled to Mpata within Karonga before proceeding to his home of origin at Kachere near Chintheche in Nkhata Bay.

On Monday the patient was spotted in a bar at Chintheche and taken to his home village.

Nkhatabay District Hospital spokesperson Christopher Singini said authorities will continue monitoring the patient while he is at his home.

He said: “The community has been told the dangers of Covid-19, so we are sure they have warned him on what will happen if he chooses to leave the home.”

Singini added that health workers are now tracing the people the patient met from the time he escaped the room to the day he was found in the bar.

Malawi has registered 63 Coronavirus cases. There have been three deaths and 24 recoveries.