Son kills mom’s boyfriend


Police in Dedza have arrested 22-year-old Daniel Sambani for killing his mother’s boyfriend.

Dedza Police Deputy spokesperson Cassim Manda said Sambani was infuriated by the relationship that his mother identified as Seleniya Tsamba had with the man identified as Harold Sosola.

According to Manda, Sambani’s mother started the affair with Sosola in the wake of her husband’s failure to make ends meet for the family.

But Daniel was not happy with the relationship and he was angry that the two were cohabitating as if they were legally married.

After weeks of the affair, the two reportedly got engaged even though the man was also married to another woman.

On May 1, 2020 at around 7pm Sosola went to see Seleniya, where it is said he wanted to take the lady as his second wife.

Sambani then assaulted him by using unknown object with which he hit him in the head.

Surprisingly, Sambani called Sosola’s relatives and told them to collect his dead body. He also told them he was responsible for the death.

Sambani has since been arrested by officers at Chafumbwa police unit following a manhunt.

Sosola, 50, hailed from Chimpeni village while Daniel Sambani hails from Folomani village, both in the area of Traditional Authority Chilikumwendo in Dedza district.