Chilima says Mutharika’s 40 years in US were a waste


Vice President Saulos Chilima says President Peter Mutharika is unleashing terror on Malawians and promoting tribalism despite staying in the United States, one of the world’s progressive democracies, for 40 years.

Chilima who is also leader of the UTM made the remarks today at a press briefing in Lilongwe where he condemned recent attacks on UTM member Mai Shaheeda Hussein and party supporters in Mulanje.

Chilima claimed that the attacks were perpetrated by President Peter Mutharika and his henchmen.

“He profits from our stagnation. That dream’s embers are fanned by the professor whose 40 years in one of the most progressive democracies, the USA, were a sure waste. I say so because you cannot stay in that liberal democracy for four decades and come back to Malawi and still submit to the belief that only your tribesmen are deserving your trust and assistance.

” You cannot read law at a top law school and teach law at a respected university in America and come back to Malawi and unleash violence and hatred on your fellow countrymen. That is simply tragic,” said Chilima.

According to Chilima, Mutharika has unleashed the wave of terror on opposition supporters in order to divide and scare Malawians after the president’s failure to sabotage the 2020 elections.

He also claimed that Mutharika and the Democratic Progressive Party (DPP) want Malawians who belong to certain tribes to be members of the DPP.

“Their evil agenda is tribal hegemony. Their ideology is rooted in violence and intimidation. There is no longer any pretense as to what they stand for. He and his party have decided to wage a war on the people of this nation. They intend to divide this country on tribe and region,” he said.

Chilima then urged Malawians to to push back against this evil plan.

He said the forthcoming presidential elections offer Malawians an opportunity to define the course the great nation.

“Once again, by the power of your vote you, in concert with other well-meaning compatriots, can determine whether the country continues to retrogress or chart a new way towards prosperity through an open and transparent government focused on inclusive development,” he said.

The UTM leader also urged party supporters to desist from violence and divisive politics.

He said: “We are running an issue-based campaign. And come the election day, we shall win resoundingly with our issue-based campaign.”


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  1. Chilima,remember that winning doesn’t come from the mouth but through people’s votes.People will choose the leader according to thier wish.Chisankho chili mu mtima

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