Coronavirus: Blantyre man boarded Salima-BT bus days before testing positive


A person who tested positive for coronavirus on Sunday in Blantyre travelled on a MA Tours Bus from Salima to Blantyre and now health authorities are tracing the other passengers.

According to Blantyre District Director of Health and Social Services Dr Gift Kawalazira, the person travelled from Tanzania on April 18. He then went to Salima on a private vehicle.

After three days in Salima, the 47-year-old man boarded a MA Tours bus which was coming from Mzuzu and was going to Blantyre.

Health Authorities later tracked him and noticed that he had Covid-19 symptoms. After a test, the person was confirmed as a coronavirus case.

“The DHO is calling upon all people who travelled using a MA Tours Bus that was coming from Mzuzu and departed  Salima around 2:20PM on 21 April to contact their nearest health facility by phone for follow up and advice,” said Kawalazira

The passengers from the bus can also call 54 747/0887 371 288 or 0999 520 319.

Kawalazira has since urged the passengers to cooperate and follow health advice by observing self-quarantine rules to prevent further spread of the coronavirus until such a time when they are cleared by a health worker.