CSEC urges students not to relax


As schools remain closed due to the deadly Coronavirus pandemic, the Civil Society Education Coalition (CSEC) has called on parents to make sure that students are still vibrant on their studies.

The development follows a recent government order to close all schools as one of the precaution measures to avoid the fast spread of COVID-19 which has hit the whole world.

Recently, parents in the country raised concern on the need for the government and some Civil Society Organizations to come forward on what should be done in making sure that students are still awake on their studies despite the closure.

According to CSEC project manager Kisa Kumwenda, this forced the institution to launch an awareness campaign which is aimed at supporting learners during this period.

Kumwenda who was speaking in Blantyre after completion of the first phase of the campaign, said it is important that parents should tirelessly encourage their children to keep on studying while schools are closed.

He added that the fact that students are at their homes does not mean they should relax forgetting that schools shall one day reopen hence the need to keep themselves warm.

The project manager also said apart from students themselves, parents have the responsibility of making sure that their children are making themselves busy with studies, which he said is the only solution to the prolonged schools’ closure.

“Well, it is still not known when schools shall open again following the Coronavirus and for this reason, CSEC saw it important to tip the public on what should be done to keep students warm, hence the awareness campaign.

“We are saying students themselves should know the importance of studying while at their respective homes. They should not relax because this doesn’t mean studies are over. We want them to keep their mentality active on their education,” said Kumwenda.

Kumwenda further stated that the awareness campaign is also focusing on policies that are already there which encourages the access to education for children with disability, girls and every child in the country.

Meanwhile, it is reported that due to funding challenges, CSEC has decided to do these campaigns in five districts only which include: Mzuzu, Mzimba, Dowa, Mangochi and Blantyre

However, Kumwenda said there is the possibility of extending their operations to other districts in due course as to encourage as many students as they can.