Woman sent to prison for dumping baby in toilet


The Chisenjere Second grade magistrate court in Blantyre has sentenced a 20-year-old woman to 30 months in prison with hard labour for dumping her baby in a toilet.

Confirming the development to Malawi24 was Chileka police deputy public relations officer Sergeant Jonathan Phillipo who identified the convict as Hana Katayika.

Sergeant Phillipo said the court heard through state prosecutor Inspector Kanjiwa that on 14th February this year at dawn, the woman, who was 8-month pregnant, went to a toilet where she delivered a bouncing baby girl.

Katayika later threw the baby into the toilet but fortunately her young sister went to the toilet to answer call of nature and upon reaching there she heard the baby crying from inside the toilet.

She later notified her mother who informed village authorities.

They reported the matter to Chileka Police who rushed to the scene and rescued the baby after demolishing the toilet with assistance from the community.

Fortunately, the baby was still alive and was rushed to Mlambe hospital together with the Katayika.

After Katayika was examined, it was revealed that she really gave birth and she was later arrested.

On Thursday, 27th March, Katayika appeared before Chisenjere Second grade magistrate court to answer the charge of concealing birth and the state prosecutor, Inspector Kanjiwa prayed for stiff punishment as a way of deterring all the would-be offenders.

In his judgement, the second grade magistrate George Chimombo concurred with Inspector Kanjiwa and thereafter he slapped Hana Katayika with 30-month imprisonment with hard labor.

Hana hails from John Kwaja village in the area of Traditional Authority Kapeni in the commercial city of Blantyre.