Civil servants warned against boycotting work


The Chief Secretary to the Government Lloyd Muhara has warned civil servants that they will face disciplinary action if they boycott work on Friday.

Muhara issued the warning in a circular today.

On Tuesday, the Malawi Congress Party (MCP) and UTM called in their supporters to boycott work in order to force Malawi Electoral Commission (MEC) chairperson Jane Ansah to resign.

In the circular, Muhara said public servants are expected to maintain neutrality in all matters that are political in nature when discharging their duties and anyone.

He said public service regulations prohibits any civil servant from engaging “in any activity, political or otherwise, which interferes with the performance of his/her duties as a Public Servant”.

He added that it is also a misconduct for civil servants to be absent from work without a valid excuse and seek permission from their supervisor.

“In view of this, all Civil Servants are advised to report for duties in their respective Ministries and Departments on Friday, 27th March, 2020 and failure to do so appropriate disciplinary action will be taken against them,” said Muhara.

He then advised controlling officers to record all officers who will report for duties as well as those who will not report for duties.

“A list of all those will not have reported for duties without valid excuse should be compiled and submitted to the Department of Human Resource Management and Development (DHRM&D) by Thursday, 2nd April, 2020 for appropriate disciplinary action,” said Muhara.