Lulu humbles Namadingo’s arrogance: I am not a legend


Giant singer cum audio producer Lulu has thrown his support behind Patience Namadingo in the ongoing debate regarding his legendary status.

Namadingo posted a few days ago that the Lilongwe based artist is yet to be a legend.
His words stirred debate on social media; others agreed with him while others opposed with insults.

In a latest WhatsApp status, Lulu born Lawrence Khwisa has stressed that legends are those in the afternoon of their music careers while he is in the morning of his career.

“I do music to entertain the people. I also enjoy doing music. I am not in a hurry to become a legend. Legends are usually in the afternoon of their careers. I am in the morning of my music career and I believe I still have alot to give my fans. I respect all legends. My music and my fans will decide when I will be a legend. Meanwhile, let us all enjoy life with good music. Avoid toxins just enjoy music and life,” reads the post

Namadingo received more of negative comments than positive ones for his claim. This, triggered him to incite a debate among his fans on who qualifies to be a legend so that he can learn something out of it.

Other celebrities also opposed the Mtendere star in the debate. Malawi’s movie export Eugine Khumbanyiwa and music promoter Ben Sam said Lulu is a legend.



  1. Like the way he has responded…seasoned man, legend in his own right.

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