Women march against gender based violence

…Want men to hold fellow men accountable

Young Feminists Network together with PEPETA Network on Saturday marched against cases of sexual abuse and violence against women.

The two organizations conducted the peaceful march on Saturday from Gemini House to Parliament Building in Lilongwe’s city centre.

Speaking with reporters, Jennifer Lipenga who is Head of Communications for the Young Feminists Network said the case of a woman being undressed, shamed and sexually assaulted in Blantyre is just an example of many heinous acts of violence faced by women and girls in Malawi.

Lipenga added that men still feel entitled to women’s bodies, they see women as sexual objects and feel they have the power to do as they please because society has given them that power.

“To make matters worse, the law isn’t being enforced as a result perpetrators walk free and continue to violate more women and girls. Perpetrators should face justice, men should hold their fellow men accountable and duty bearers should be held accountable for their lack of action,” she said.

In their petition, the women want the Minister of Gender, Children, Disability and Social Welfare to condemn abuse and violence against women.

In Blantyre, women also marched and petitioned Limbe vendors association with the message that people will boycott from buying their products until they issue an apology and take perpetrators to task.

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  1. The culprits of gender violent get very light sentences,that is why this cannot stop.

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