Police urge religious leaders to pray for Malawi


Thyolo police station has urged religious leaders in the district to pray for the country ahead of the election case verdict.

The security providers made the remarks on Sunday 26, January 2020 as the community policing department was visiting main churches around Thyolo boma.

Speaking at Thyolo Livingwaters Church, Dan Nsagwa who is Coordinator for the community policing in the district said the matter in court requires prayer and fasting saying people are enjoying the freedom of prayer because the country is at peace therefore need to join hand to maintain freedom of the country.

“Religious leaders play a great role in maintaining the peace of the country and through the scriptures people’s mind would change and they would accept any ruling from Court,” said Sagwa.

Commenting on the matter, Officer in Charge for Thyolo, Davie Chingwalu said police in the district will make sure that security is always there in all time, and added that police have already started sensitizing public on issues of peace based on knowledge they gained from NICE trust.

In his sermon, Rev Richard Mulonya of Thyolo Living Waters urged his members to pray hard for country’s peace, saying that despite differences in political interest all people are one in Christ. He therefore asked his members to enter into special fasting and prayers for the peace of Malawi.

The country has witnessed various demonstrations since the 2019 Election results were announced.

A Court in Lilongwe is this week expected to pronounce its ruling in a case in which two presidential candidates are challenging the outcome of the polls.