NICE, stakeholders sign peace treaty in Thyolo


Nation Initiative for Civic Education (NICE Trust) has signed a peace treaty with stakeholders in Thyolo as a way of building and maintaining peace in the district.

Speaking during the meeting held at Mpinji community day secondary school hall, national programs manager for NICE Trust, Gray Kalinde, said that there is need for people in the country to unite and go forward together despite differences.

“Country cannot excel in development if there is instability, because this disrupts various sectors such as commercial, agricultural, education and even government sector,” said Kalinde.

Commenting on the matter, the District Commissioner for Thyolo, Justine Kathumba, agreed with Kalinde on the need for building and maintaining peace in the district as well as Malawi as whole.

“Thyolo seems calm but we need to keep on sensitizing community members concerning peace as we are approaching election case verdict. Because where bush remains, the fire goes there, so as Thyolo we have welcomed this initiative,” he said.

Kalinde, the national programs manager for NICE Trust, urged government to take a look on the process of running elections as it is the seed that causes conflicts among people.

The stakeholders who were present during the signing of peace treaty included Members of parliament for Thyolo, religious leaders, Chiefs, Organization representatives, party representatives, youth representatives and members of Thyolo district council.