Bushiri attacks his ‘fake’ spiritual children


Prophet Shepherd Bushiri says he is disgusted by people claiming to be his spiritual sons and daughter who are attacking other pastors and prophets.

Bushiri, who is widely known as Major 1, says attacking other clergies by his fake spiritual children “is bearing negative consequences” on the prophet and his Enlightened Christian Gathering church.

The Malawian born prophet currently fighting money laundering and fraud charges in South Africa says he is worried with the escalation such attacks are taking despite repeated condemnation.

Despite backing other pastors, Prophet Bushiri has also threatened to legally deal with pastors and prophets who are using Major 1’s name and photos without prior approval

Speaking through his spokesperson, Ephraim Nyondo, prophet Bushiri is of the view that other pastors are using his images to mislead the public into believing that Bushiri has endorsed such pastors.

He said such pastors are using Bushiri “to gain fame”.

Bushiri: I will sue you

“The combined effect is that these people are then identified as being endorsed by [Prophet Bushiri] and ECG church, or working with the prophet and the church, or in some ways aligned to the Prophet and the church” Bushiri’s spokesperson has been quoted as saying by Nyasa Times – an online Malawi News publication.

However, a statement that ECG shared on its website “to register a serious concern and displeasure to men and women of God using Bushiri’s photos and name” did not mention any pastor or prophet.

In the statement, the church said it has already taken a position of “commencing legal action against any individual or an organization using the name of the church and that of the Prophet without approval”.

The statement follows the arrest of one of Bushiri’s senior married pastors on rape accusations in South Africa.

According to published reports, a woman revealed that the pastor had invited her for prayers at church and much to her surprise, she was the only one there.

“He told me to relax and played gospel music. We sat next to the pulpit. He came closer to me while asking about my personal life. I asked him to take me home. I was becoming uncomfortable. He told me he loved me. He said I was in love with him, too” the victim has alleged.

A scuffle is alleged to have ensued after the complainant repelled sexual advances the pastor and she was dragged to the couch next to the pulpit.

Yamikani Kachingwe, a Malawian whistleblower, identified the accused as Apostle Goodwins Mwalughali.

“He overpowered and raped me. I’m shattered, angry and broken. So are my family. I thought church was a safe place, but that’s where I got violated” alleged the victim.

In an open letter to the church, Apostle Goodwins Mwalughali who is said to be 33 years old and maintains his innocence claims that the sexual encounter was consensual. He then quit from ECG to fight the accusations.



  1. Poverty and desperation are some of the reasons why people cling to such people. It is really as simple as that. The man is being accused of serious charges in South Africa, and yet some are still worshipping him. I wish pople would stick to worshipping God, not man.

  2. Why do people treat Bushiri like a God. He is not God he is a mere mortal who has become very wealthy by using the name of God to enrich himself. It is blasphemous. Bushiri cannot perform miracles, he cannot walk on air. They are all tricks that most magicians can perform which they do as entertainment but not to try and take advantage of peoples’ suggestability and gullibility like Bushiri does. Did Jesus become wealthy like Bushiri has? Of course not. That’s not what Jesus was about because that’s not what true Christianity is about. Bushiri is nothing but a fraud getting rich on peoples’ stupidity.

  3. That’s my true Prophet MAJOR 1 .. i am so happy tox hear such wonderful words from MAJOR 1 … hope the pple that are faking to be him will understand that tgey are wrong and they must stop what ever thy are planning . For God is not fake so can’t they resemble Him .

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