Wildlife department to hunt for killer crocodiles

Crocodile penis

The Department of Parks and Wildlife plans to capture crocodiles in the Shire River in Chikwawa where the animals have killed two people over the last two weeks.

According to Director of Parks and Wildlife Brighton Kumchedwa, the hunters’ main mission will be to capture the crocodiles.

He, however, added that the putting down the wildlife animals is also an option if they cannot be captured.

This comes amid concerns that the crocodiles leave the Shire River and move to smaller rivers where they attack people.

Two people including a girl have been killed by crocodiles in Chikwawa this month.

On Saturday, a fisherman in Chikwawa died after he was attacked by a crocodile in Nkombezi River.

According to Police in the district, Petro and his two friends were fishing around 2AM when the crocodile bit his arm and stomach.

Petro’s friends managed to fight it off in a rescue effort.

The victim was taken to Chikwawa District Hospital where he died hours later.