Soccer Betting Guide – Strategy and Tips


Soccer, (football in other quarters) is by far the most popular sport globally. By extension, it is also the biggest discipline among sports betting fans, but it does not necessarily mean it is the most straightforward sport to bet on. As a matter of fact, it takes a combination of a few basic strategies and tips to get the groove. In this post, we take a look at the betting strategies that could turn you from a rookie to a betting pro in a short time.

Shop around for different bookmakers

You are looking to venture into a lucrative business, so taking time to weigh prospects is well worth it. The most important ideals to factor are; odds, ease of use, your security guarantee, verified transaction means, and also markets available.

Register with a good betting site

The better the bookmaker, the sweeter your betting experience. You can register for online soccer betting with Betway, or any other reputable betting site for a start. With the number of bookmakers vastly on the rise, the real challenge could lie in identifying the right one. In most cases, people find themselves registering with multiple sites, but there are consequences. That means you’re sharing your personal details with several unknown people, which is gross.

Listen to what tipsters are saying

Currently, there are in excess of a thousand tipsters online. Naturally, there could be nothing spectacular about them, but gathering info from a couple of them could lead you to make advised predictions. Weighing their opinion against yours gives you confidence, but ensure that you remain in total control of your bets at all times. One way of checking the authenticity and reliability of these tipsters is by going through their performance as per their history.

Do your own research

Your ability to gather relevant information going into a soccer match is crucial in online soccer betting. Betway gives you so many markets to try your hand in, therefore, you’ll need to collect as much data as possible before settling on a selection. For example, you’ll need to check out each of the teams’ form, as well as their head-to-head details. Factors like player profiles should also feature prominently.

Go for quality odds

Do not be tempted into including so many selections in your bet slip, regardless of the freedom your bookmaker accords you. Picking a few selections with high-quality odds is key; it increases your chances of winning. The idea of betting is to make profits, first. It should never be viewed as a get-rich-quick venture.

Spread your selections

Placing a wager is a matter of confidence, but overconfidence should never get you submitting identical picks. One of the most effective strategies of soccer betting is to spread your picks into more than one bet slips, and to wait for the outcome.

Consider in-play betting

In-play betting, also known as live betting enables you to make bold predictions based on the up-to-the second updates and statistics. Take advantage of sites like Betway who offer this option, and so much more.

And finally…

Practice responsible betting at all times. Spend wisely on your bets, and do not at any given time give into the temptation of using money meant for other important activities.