EU demands decisive action against police officers who raped women

 The European Union in Malawi has called on authorities to take action against police officers who raped women and girls at Msundwe in Lilongwe.

In a statement on Thursday, the Heads of Mission for European Union said they are greatly concerned after noting serious allegations of sexual violence against members of Malawi Police Service in a recent report conducted by the Malawi Human Rights Commission (MHRC).

A police vehicle at Msundwe

The diplomats then called on authorities to arrest police officers who raped the women and girls.

“The Heads of Mission join those looking forward to a swift and decisive reaction by the competent national authorities, while providing urgently the necessary full support to the survivors or victims of those attacks,” the diplomats said in the statement.

They also reiterated the EU’s strong partnership with the government of Malawi and other stakeholders to end sexual and gender based violence through spotlight partnership between the European Union and the United Nations.

The European Union further assured their readiness in support through its ongoing governance programs in Malawi.

On Wednesday, October 8, 2019, Police Officers raped women and self-boarding girl students, tortured people, and looted private property during an operation aimed at arresting murder suspects.

A report by the MHRC released last week  revealed that the police raped 17 women and girls.