Malawi Govt accepts defeat on quota system: Form 1 second selection results out


The Ministry of Education, Science and Technology has used the merit system to select students to secondary schools.

Susuwele Banda

In the Form One Second selection, a total number of 17,831 students have been selected into various secondary schools in order to replace those who did not report while selected.

Speaking in a statement, Minister of Education, Science and Technology Dr. William Susuwele Banda said out of 17,831 students, 125 students have been selected into National Secondary schools, 3,105 students have been selected to other Conventional Secondary Schools, while 14,381 students have been selected into Community Day Secondary Schools.

He further said that the selection to national secondary schools was based on Merit Principle to maintain national unity.

“Economic and proximity principles have not been used as it was stipulated in press statement which the Ministry released on 22 October 2019. This means, students have not been confined to their education division but instead, spread to other divisions for the sake of building national unity,” said Banda in a statement.

Banda further said that for District Boarding Schools, students who are within the district, have filled spaces within the district while students in Conventional and Community Day Secondary Schools have been considered as the case has been.

The newly selected and relocated students are urged to join their friends in their respective secondary schools on 6 January, 2020.

Government announced in October this year that it will no longer use the quota system when selecting students to secondary schools.

The decision came after anti-quota activists held protests in the Northern Region to push for the abolishment of the quota system.