Fuel seller killed in house fire


A fuel seller aged 64 has died in the wee hours of today in Thyolo after the petrol he was selling caused an explosion in his house.

Police in Thyolo have identified the deceased as Samson Magwaya.

Spokesperson for Thyolo police, Sub-Inspector Amos Tione, said the man was operating illegal fuel business in his house which caused his death.

A customer, Evance Amalo, went to Magwaya’s house to buy petrol because his son fell sick and he wanted to take the child to the herbalist but he had insufficient petrol in his motorcycle.

“Magwaya entered the house to get the petrol. He lit the candle and the moment he was pouring fuel in a litre bottle, the fuel caught candle fire and blew up the house,” he continued.

The man died on the same spot while the customer who came to buy fuel rushed to report to police instead of assisting the victim to come out.

The fire also destroyed all property in the house including a motorcycle. It also affected a nearby house.

Magwaya’s body was later taken to Thyolo mortuary. He hailed from village headman Ngamwani, Traditional Authority (T/A) Kapichi in Thyolo district.