525 people in Thyolo benefit from malata, cement subsidy


At least 525 people in Thyolo have benefited from phase three of the malata and cement subsidy which is being implemented in the district.

Phase three of the programme started last year in Thyolo and a progress report on the programme released on 28 October 2019 shows that 132 houses have been built in four constituencies of; Thyolo central, East, West and Thyolo Thava, out of which ten houses in Thyolo Thava are fully completed, while in other three constituencies, 92 houses have been roofed, 77 plastered, 65 floored, and 122 houses are yet to be completed.

Speaking in an interview, District Rural Housing Officer for Thyolo Joseph Willie said he is happy with the progress of the programme which is officially called Decent and Affordable Housing Subsidy Program (DAHSP).

“Though it was a tough work to reach and supervise each and everyone in each constituencies, I am glad that we have just remained with a single duty,” he said.

He added that everything would have been completed but there were some hindrances.

“Late distribution of DAHSP building materials by the suppliers hindered the work. Currently we have remained with two constituencies, which are Thyolo South and West to distribute building materials,” Willie said.

He then asked government to provide a mode of transport such as a motorcycle to enable him visit some hard to reach areas.

In an interview, one of the beneficiaries from Thyolo East constituency, Maxwell Thindo, applauded the coming of DAHSP in the district saying it has improved their lives in terms of good accommodation.

“With DAHSP, I have managed to build a house which I had never predicted that in my life I shall own. I am really glad and appreciate DAHSP,” Thindo said.

DAHSP is being implemented in the area under supervision of Thyolo District Rural Housing Office under Rural Housing Services and is aimed at facilitating the construction and improvement of houses for low income households.