The blacker the night, the merry the Christmas – Escom


A day after Electricity Generation Company (EGENCO) said water levels in the Shire River are now normalising, Electricity Supply Corporation of Malawi (Escom) has announced that loadshedding has been extended.

In a statement released today, Escom said the development has come due to failure of two power generating machines at Kapichira power station in Chikwawa.

“We wish to inform our valued customers that we are receiving inadequate electricity due to challenges with generation. Two machines are out of service at Kapichira power station,” reads the statement.

Commenting on the matter, spokesperson for EGENCO Moses Gwaza assured Malawians that they are working around the clock to address the problem.

“It is true that two of our four power generating machines have broken down at Kapichira power station, actually, our engineers are working to solve the problem but I am sure that by Wednesday this week one machine will be functioning and the other one will take two or three weeks to start functioning again,” said Gwaza.

Meanwhile, Executive Director for consumers Association of Malawi John Kapito has described the situation as a total contradiction saying the two companies should be active to address the electricity problem in the country.

“Yesterday I was told that water levels are now normalising in the Shire River and that people should not worry about blackouts during the festive season but come earlier today we are experiencing blackout so this is very contradicting because what they said yesterday is contrary to what is happening today,” said Kapito.


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