Village chief arrested for sexually assaulting 8-year-old girl


Police in Kasungu are keeping in custody Village Headman Gundani aged 78 for sexually assaulting a girl aged eight.

Kasungu Public Relations  Officer Harry Namwaza  said chief Gundani, full name Edward Jackson, committed the offence on Friday at Gundani village at around 15:00 hours.

Namwaza said Jackson found the girl busy playing outside his house with her friends and persuaded her to enter into his house alone where he undressed and sexually abused her.

A friend of the girl who was playing with her outside the accused’s house caught him molesting the child and shouted which prompted people to come.

“People got angry with the accused and wanted to deal with him but police came in time to rescue him,” Namwaza said.

The chief was later charged with indecent assault. He will appear in court soon to answer the charge leveled against him.