Woman killed in her house in Chikwawa


Police in Chikwawa are hunting for thugs suspected of killing a 55-year old woman in the district.

The woman Evelesi Machado was murdered on Wednesday in her house at Nedi village in Traditional Authority Katunga.

According to Chikwawa police public relations officer Sergeant Foster Benjamin, the woman had just fled rains outside when the thugs stormed into the house.

The thugs assaulted her with an object on the back of her head and left her lifeless.

“After we received the news we went there for investigation and took Machado’s body to Chikwawa District Hospital for possible post mortem,” he said.

Meanwhile, the police are appealing for information regarding the incident.

Evelesi Machado is survived by grandchild. She used to live in Chapananga before moving to Nedi village.